Farmers’ Markets: DC

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the farmers’ markets here in DC. Since I moved here, heading down to the Dupont Circle market or schlepping out to Eastern Market on Sundays has been one of my favorite things to do.

FreshFarm Markets is the organizing umbrella under which some of the largest farmers’ markets in DC operate. So here’s a list so you can get to these bad boys soon:




Other Markets

*You can find me at these markets on a regular basis! Say hi!

Folks, there’s too many to list! If you live in Maryland or Virginia, type in your zip code at and you’ll undoubtedly get a ton of options.

Can I suggest a few farmers’ market tips? Go early, go often. Talk to the farmers and vendors! They’re growing and/or making your FOOD! Ask questions like: what can I make with this? how do you cook this? tell me more about this fruit/vegetable/meat! what does this taste like? They’re there to help you and they want to talk to you! So when faced with 10 different apple varieties, and all you want to do is bake a pie…ask them which kind is best for a pie!


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