Spring Is Here! Farmer’s Markets Time!

It’s officially Spring folks! Wanna know how?! (Well, aside from the fact that my JCrew sandals have arrived.) Let’s do this post in pictures…it’ll be fun like that.

I know it’s spring because I can buy Ranunculus flowers and put them by my bed.

It’s spring because the Fresh Farms Farmers’ Markets are out and hustlin’ and bustlin’…here’s Chef Bryan Moscatello of Zola, Zola Wine & Kitchen, Spy City Cafe and Potenza making a really beautiful spring salad at the Penn Quarter Farmers’ Market. (He’s super duper nice, and he’s on Twitter, so chat him up!)

And here’s Urban Bohemian holding his hands out for a sample of watermelon radish. (I did it too! They taste…crunchy…not much of a taste…more of a texture adder.)

There’s a fungus among us….

And here’s a staircase to carb heaven…

I love Spring. Don’t you? Do you go to a Farmers’ Market? What produce can’t you wait to buy?


PS – I think I’ll do a post tomorrow on Farmers’ Markets in DC and Arizona! (I’m from Arizona, remember!? Many friends still there…gotta get the word out about how great locally sourced meats and produce is!)

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