Farmers’ Markets: Arizona

Photo from Tony the Misfit on Flickr.

I am loudly, and proudly, from the Grand Canyon State: Arizona. People leave their hearts everywhere…but mine is located somewhere in the desert (probably on the I-10) between Phoenix and Tucson (the two cities I have grown up, and gone to school in).

And because my love is so great for all my Arizona peoples, I will share with them (and you DC folks, for your vacations) some great farmers’ markets in my home-state. Here goes.

Greater Phoenix Area

Tucson Area

Farmers’ markets by county (so helpful) for your Bisbee-ans and Bullhead City-ans (shout out for The BF’s old stomping grounds!).

Can I suggest a few farmers’ market tips? Go early, go often. Take some old grocery bags or a canvas bag. Take your dog, but keep them on a leash and bring water! Talk to the farmers and vendors! They’re growing and/or making your FOOD! Ask questions like: what can I make with this? how do you cook this? tell me more about this fruit/vegetable/meat! what does this taste like? They’re there to help you and they want to talk to you! So when faced with 10 different apple varieties, and all you want to do is bake a pie…ask them which kind is best for a pie!


2 thoughts on “Farmers’ Markets: Arizona

  1. Enjoyed the entry about farmers’ markets. They are popular here in the Cottonwood -Sedona area, also. Gardening is big here. I have planted two tomato plants recently.

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