Changes! Update Your RSS or Email Subscribe!


I’ve been working on a personal website for some time now. A site that I can be proud of and that, hopefully, reflects my professional life in a cohesive and polished way. This blog has long been my place to write, share and process all sorts of information but it’s time for a change.

Starting this week, my #GSD (Get Shit Done) series and the Weekend Reads will be published from my new site. If you receive my posts via RSS feed or email, you’ll need to update or resubscribe quickly! Everything you need can be found on the blog page of my site. Just scroll down a bit and you’ll see I set up RSS feeds and email subscriptions for each set of posts for you to make it super easy. And if you don’t already subscribe to my posts, can I ask you to consider doing so? Plug me into your Feedly or invite me into your inbox – I promise not to disappoint you. (And if I do, dude, let me know!)

And in case the Upgrade photo is lost on you, it’s from BeyoncĂ©’s song Upgrade U. A wonderful song that I highly recommend, particularly on your Summer Jams and I Didn’t Like That Guy Anyway mixes.