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I’ve been working on a personal website for some time now. A site that I can be proud of and that, hopefully, reflects my professional life in a cohesive and polished way. This blog has long been my place to write, share and process all sorts of information but it’s time for a change.

Starting this week, my #GSD (Get Shit Done) series and the Weekend Reads will be published from my new site. If you receive my posts via RSS feed or email, you’ll need to update or resubscribe quickly! Everything you need can be found on the blog page of my site. Just scroll down a bit and you’ll see I set up RSS feeds and email subscriptions for each set of posts for you to make it super easy. And if you don’t already subscribe to my posts, can I ask you to consider doing so? Plug me into your Feedly or invite me into your inbox – I promise not to disappoint you. (And if I do, dude, let me know!)

And in case the Upgrade photo is lost on you, it’s from Beyoncé’s song Upgrade U. A wonderful song that I highly recommend, particularly on your Summer Jams and I Didn’t Like That Guy Anyway mixes.

Weekend Reads: Pixar, Lady Gaga & Wanderlust

Lady Gaga

When I saw that Lady Gaga quote, I thought, damn! That’s a dose of angry real talk! The truth is though, she’s right. It’s an interesting thing to consider balancing love (or the pursuit of it) and your career – whatever your level of ambition or drive. I think about this stuff a lot, especially lately, because this year I’ve done nothing but invest in my career. It’s been rewarding, frustrating, inspiring…the whole gamut of positives and negatives…and I really wouldn’t have it any other way.

Are you practically Snow White? Then you need these apps that tell you just how much time you should be in the sun.

Who’s looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday? This girl! And now I have a list of movies to watch online, so I may just stay in bed all day!

Nail polish on-the-go! I wish Metro would allow helpful kiosks in major hubs!

Newsletters seem to be making a serious comeback! These tips are interesting, but Alexis Madrigal’s point about a newsletter audience v a Facebook audience was most intriguing. Should I be turning this list into a newsletter instead of a blog post? Hmm.

I did a bunch of work so clearly now I can surf the net for two hours! Right? Wrong.

Dogs get jealous, too! Duh.

Want to foster a creative environment at work? This is how Pixar does it.

Trendy restaurant menus are…so formulaic. (Also, the vegetarian part is SO true!)

I have major wanderlust this year. My brain has headed to every exotic locale at least twice! This list of magazines that are great for travelers isn’t helping me any. (I must admit, the best/worst thing I’ve done all year is subscribe to Condé Nast Traveler.)

A radio show host once asked Lauren Conrad what her favorite position was and she had the best answer ever. asked 23 women what their favorite position was. Mine? Senior Advisor.

Ira Glass’ Lifehacker “How I Work” column is getting a lot of buzz. I suspect it’s because the man is a) a total beast and b) does almost everything either in the cloud or without the clunky equipment one would assume he’d use.

My iTunes is solidly stuck on songs that came out in the 90s and it’s making my morning commute so much more pleasurable! Here’s some Fugees for you – have a great weekend, friends!

Photo credit: Alejandra Owens (me!)

Weekend Reads: Unplugging, 35 Things We Learned This Week & Bad Ass Women

you are fucking glorious

You guys, I’m heading to the beach for a few days! It’s basically all I’ve wanted for months now and all I’ve been thinking about all week! Of course, how much I unplug and just enjoy it is always a struggle. This little guide on how to unplug was the best advice I’ve read on the subject. Mostly because it didn’t tell me to just “not check email” and “enjoy being present” or make me feel guilty for being super dedicated to work. I can’t wait to look at the horizon, listen to the waves crashing and grill some food. Doesn’t that sound nice? I think so!

“Congratulations on taking your age to the next level. I wanted to optimize this yearly touchpoint to encourage a paradigm shift in how you approach life going forward by enclosing a copy of The Likeability Factor.” Take your good wishes to the…next level.

The Day I Left My Son In The Car. A heartbreaking read of a whole other variety. Make the time for it.

30 things I’ve learned. #11, sadly, is so true.

Marvel comics made some huge announcements this week! Thor is a woman and Captain America is black!

“I have been in relationships where a man has disrespected me, and I don’t need to be friends with that man anymore. I don’t want to be the one going, ‘I’m cool, because I’m friends with all my exes.’ There’s a reason why you’re called an ex. I crossed you off my list. Moving on. You cross a line, you need to know that you’re going to walk this earth knowing that there’s an individual who has no respect for you.” Zoe Saldana is such a bad ass.

I’m thinking of updating all my social media bios. This little guide is leading my way.

5 business lessons Cindy Gallop learned from starting a porn* site. (*it’s not a porn site) (Don’t let the sexiness dissuade you – read read read it!)

“The most important advice I would still give — and it may seem crazy because I did lose this job I really loved — you have to be an authentic person.” Jill Abramson is also such a bad ass!

The next time someone complains about Buzzfeed being shameless clickbait of zero substance say this: “BuzzFeed headlines pay off particularly well because they actually make fairly small promises and then overdeliver.” Then tell them the real problem with click bait.

Kara Swisher is the gal who brings you all that juicy news about Yahoo! and Google and Marissa Mayer and Sergey Brin. This New York Magazine profile of her is a fabulous look at the woman is both feared and the person you want to tell everything to.

Tim Howard, star of the US Men’s National Team at the World Cup is hot hot hot on the cover of Ad Week!

Talk about songs I’ve had on repeat lately…this Nico & Vinz song, Am I Wrong, is playing all. The. Time. I think it’s the song of summer 2014, but we all know I can be a questionable judge of music. Have a great weekend, friends!

Photo Source: Danielle Laporte

Weekend Reads: Sexy Presidents, Niagara Falls & Touching Our Friends

she who dares wins

I had quite a fun, and slightly over-booked, week! Great dinners with friends, I was a guest in Carol’s Georgetown class about personal branding and I get to see an old college buddy I haven’t seen since we were actually in college! Not bad, but I’m looking forward to a restful weekend for sure.

Our Instagram life vs. real life.

Hey can I pick your brain? Now that you have the meeting, don’t screw it up!

Man vs. Food. And I don’t mean the show…would you rather have a Ryan Gosling…or a grilled cheese!

At one point in time the Army actually stopped Niagara Falls. Almost like a cartoon! Bloop! Just stopped a giant waterfall!

Dear Confident Women, There’s are guys out there who love how confident you are!

I LOVE Dead Poet’s Society! Josh Charles takes us back in time and reminisces about the making of the movie, the guys’ relationships and more.

Are you a touchy person? Or do you prefer a lot of personal space? I can be huggy/touchy so I thought this study about how often we touch our friends was neat!

Warren G. Harding…you sexy beast!

Erling and Emmett, two peas in a pod. Never mind they’re separated by three generations and 86 years.

Aspen Ideas Festival is all done and wrapped up – but you can check out the transcripts (and sometimes audio)!

You’re probably doing these 9 things at work that are terrible for  your productivity. (I know I am!)

Lucy Flores: abandoned as a child, former gang member, lawyer and…politician. Is she the candidate Democrats have been craving?

Then there’s 8 more things you shouldn’t be doing! (Geesh, this list is getting long!)

Okay, here’s 8 things you should be doing at work!

Newsletters seem to be back on the rise – here’s a few that you might actually enjoy. (I’ll add an endorsement for The Skimm!)

I have World Cup fever so this genius video of what it would be like to live like a soccer player had me in stitches.

Getting flack for using social media at work? Give this a read and share it with your boss!

Hip hop + art = Fly Art. I bought it.

Do you ever invest your money in a company? Ahem, Kickstarter counts. Here’s the one question you should be asking before you fill in your credit card info.

How a meat-centric chef-turned-butcher is changing DC’s appreciation for all things meat.

I was on a hunt for new music to listen (and finding nada!) when I just went back to the classics. I’ve been re-rocking out to The Miseducation of Lauren Hill all week and it has put me in the best mood! Have a great weekend, lovahs!

Photo source: Her New Tribe

A Summer Spent Well

Home - Patio

I didn’t make New Year’s resolutions this year, which I felt okay with. But when June hit and it seemed as though half the year had just flown by and I was just being tossed around in it like a rag doll I started to feel an itch, and maybe a little lack of purpose? I stumbled across Bleubird and her list of things welcoming summer and thought, that’s just what I need! Maybe it will give me a little direction, a little sense of purpose again. Without going into much detail, I’m mostly DC-bound this year. Not much in terms of vacation or travel on the docket. When I realized that, I also realized I needed to make the most of being here. So here goes…a few reminders, a few affirmations…

Eating / fresh seafood, right out of the Chesapeake Bay. (Good thing I know a guy.)

Drinking / tequila & sodas with a lime.

Practicing / patience.

Mastering / a good habit.

Learning / to go easy on myself. (Still.)

Trying / standup paddleboarding.

Playing / Cards Against Humanity.

Finishing / my to-do lists. (Plural. Always.)

Reading / the huuuuge stack of magazines in my living room. And then the medium-sized stack of unread books next to it.

Remembering / that a night at home is just as good for me as a night out.

Wearing / running clothes more often. I’m definitely back in a running groove.

Cooking / more. Period. Cooking has lost its joy for me recently. (How sad is that?!)

Working / on being more open. (Still.)

Traveling / somewhere. Anywhere.

Wanting / more experiences and memories with my friends.

So, what’s on your list for this summer?

Photo Credit: Me! (Alejandra Owens)

Weekend Reads: Pop Covers, Coffee Tasting & Goal Lists

Frida Kahlo

This week flew by thanks to a cross-country tip, a day-long layover and massive productivity at work this week! The great thing about this week was that I’m finally starting to feel like I have a handle on things. Maybe it was my trip home that helped me reset things and get a little perspective, but I’m (finally!) feeling a little lighter in life and more optimistic. I plan on riding this wave, too. All the way to Virginia wineries this weekend!

I still have no plans to hit the beach this summer (tear) but these books will be good for pool reading too.

Why dad’s who do household chores raise more ambitious daughters! (Do that laundry guys! It’s for your kids!)

What a delightful way to do a goals list.

What happens when a champion barista tastes grocery store coffee?

Resistance is futile. Summer is here. Just build your own gin & tonic bar now and save yourself some time later.

With all the open discussion about gender issues in the news lately, here’s a practical guide for the men in our lives for participating in a constructive way.

“I just had sex and I’m about to eat nachos. This THE GREATEST moment of my life!!” (Can’t wait to see this movie!)

The anonymous sharing app, Secret, has turned into a digital burn book for the DC gays. After being burned by the app myself, I highly recommend not downloading it. Also, nothing good can come from airing your mental dirty laundry like that.

Reading Cosmo and Maxim shapes our relationship with sexual consent…you’ll be surprised.

“Yes. I’ve decided to age.” – Tom Ford, on getting “old” in the fashion industry.

I’m not exactly a music aficionado but the Chela “Zero” EP Minimix would be perfect for a summer evening grilling party. These Rihanna covers are great for a dinner party! And last but not least John Mayer’s take on “XO” by Beyonce would make the perfect soundtrack for Sunday morning coffee and magazine reading!

Have a wonderful weekend! I’ve had Haim on repeat for a week now (mostly because I feel like their new album could be the soundtrack for Romancing the Stone!) so I hope you like ’em too…

Weekend Reads: Caftans, West Wing & Boss Ladies

Iron Gate Restaurant

I need this 3-day weekend so badly you guys. Mostly for the sleep…also for the lazy. I don’t even care that I’m not at the beach or off on a fun trip. Waking up in my own bed, sipping on coffee and watching some bad, bad TV sounds so delicious! I have a high-rise stack of magazines to dive into while I’m up on my roof deck soaking up some sun, too. Work: off! Weekend: on!!!

Even the Pope doesn’t like Facebook!

How to get your body caftan ready for summer. “Crumbs? Let them fall where they may, swaddled in your caftan.”

Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize! It’s my number one soft skill at work and so few people know how to do it well.

I’m a new manager and found Ann Friedman’s managerial advice pretty interesting. New or not, it’s worth taking a look.

Speaking of Ann Friedman, she’s my internet girl crush for sure. Great writer, funny and (mostly) talks about stuff relevant to my (feminist) interests.

If you love the West Wing, you’ll love this homage to Seventeen People.

Silly: a dog raised by cats has cat-like tendencies.

It’s most definitely fun to work in social media, but here’s some things you should know before you get all dreamy eyed.

If you could give career advice to your younger self, what would you say? These journalists have great advice, regardless of career.

It’s commencement season! Here’s the best of the best commencement speeches, new and old.

I love everything about Anna Holmes’ response to a reporter asking about how she got her new gig: “Felix didn’t hire me. I’m going to be Felix’s boss.” That’s how ya do it ladies, that’s how ya do it! 

What is the source of your power? And, what is the source of your joy?” A thoughtful piece on Jill Abramson’s untimely ousting at the New York Times. 

A walking food tour of the Lower East Side with Ruth Riechl?! I’d pay good money for that experience!

Why they never drink wine on Mad Men. Who knew!?

Meetings suck! Learn how to run one like a boss!

When women succeed and break through the glass ceiling, they end up on the glass cliff. (Jesus it just never gets easier does it?)

Relevant to probably no one but me, Pitbull’s World Cup song sucks. How sad, Mr. 305. How sad indeed.

Whatever you’re up to this weekend, I hope you’re having fun and relaxing! Here’s a little Paolo Nutini to get you in the mood…