It’s Friday…

Know what Friday means? It means tonight I’ll dance around my apartment to my new favorite jam (that would be Break Your Heart by Taio Cruz ft. Ludacris). I’ll nurse my thumb wound (thanks a lot french press…and right after I said you were one of my favorite things!). But Friday means the weekend’s here and that means lots of lazy lounging, reading and cooking!

Here’s some articles I’ll be reading, now that I’ll have time to fully devote myself to them:

Now for the cooking!

  • Pioneer Woman recreated perhaps my most favorite Starbucks treat of ALL FREAKIN TIME!!! The petite vanilla scones. Yep…if I can get my hands on some vanilla beans this weekend, I’m making them.
  • Awhile back, Not Derby Pie posted a goat cheese cheesecake recipe that I was reminded of after last weekend’s quark cheese purchase at the Dupont Circle farmers market. I researched recipes yesterday so hopefully I’ll have a goat cheesy cheesecake to share with you next week!
  • My friend Phil mentioned tres leches cake earlier this week, which reminded me of Patricia Jinich‘s Pastel de Tres Leches.
  • The Kitchn ran a blog post about how to make the perfect cup of coffee from a french press! Well timed Kitchn!! Well timed. I’ll be following their directions this weekend.

That’s all for my weekend! What do you guys have on tap? Any good reads? Any recipes you’ll be trying?


PS – Epicurious has an interactive seasonal ingredient map! Check it out DCers and Arizonans alike!

3 thoughts on “It’s Friday…

  1. I’ll be trying your veggie frittata on my sister this weekend. Also, for my daughter, a jello cake, nostalgia, a birthday tradition. Started a new biography about Elizabeth Taylor…was skeptical, but it’s fascinating.

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