Weekend Reads: Pasta Divas, Amtrak & Kate Upton

Gloria Steinem

Ch-ch-ch-changes! Work has been a whirlwind of exciting and interesting changes at all levels and all fronts. Amidst the chaos and uncertainty of change I constantly try to remind myself that all this change means opportunities for learning are abound. I’ve been turning to my mentors a lot lately for advice (and comfort) folks like Jill, Cecelia, Tammy and John are keeping me centered and focused. (If you don’t know or follow these folks, put ’em on your lists now!) Friends are keeping me smiling and eating deliciously. This week’s reads are a little thin since I’ve been busy this week, but here’s what caught my eye when I was taking breaks!

Science amazes me. They finally figured out where that doughnut-shaped rock came from on Mars.

How far does your salary go in other cities? Depressing. All around depressing.

14 tools for better images (including infographics, quotes and more)

Do you have a coffee bucket list? Apparently you should have these 26 things on it.

Are you a writer? Maybe you should look into Amtrak’s writerr’s residence.

A neighborhood in DC known for having a lot of bars and restaurants neighbors Gallaudet University, a deaf and hard of hearing school. How they’re responding to their community‘s unique needs is both very cool and heartening.

Pasta divas of Puglia, Italy.

How creativity works. For me it’s all about a mind at rest that gets to wander.

This Creators Call podcast with Callie Schweitzer is a must-listen if you’re in the business of communicating or storytelling.

What did all those breweries do during Prohibition?

A behind the scenes look at Kate Upton’s zero gravity shoot for Sports Illustrated had me cheering her on. Someone on set keeps going, “Go Kate! That’s amazing! You look awesome! YES! DO THAT AGAIN!” What can I say, I’m a sucker for a great cheerleader.

The sex lives of our founding fathers…gross…I don’t wanna think about that!

Looking forward to reading danah boyd’s thoughts on policing teenagers on the internet.

No children. No regrets.

I have no plans this weekend other than cooking and baking for a friend who’s a new mom. I love how creating food for others can be so comforting and brings me some zen. This week’s jam is an oldie from Blu Cantrell – have a wonderful weekend, lovahs!

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