Weekend Reads: Business Baby, Soundboardt & Space!

Dog Tail

I always notice that two things make a house or space more cozy: plants (any living green thing) and dogs. A three hour brainstorm earlier this week was made so much lovelier by Nina, a ginormous Great Dane who had no qualms about putting her nose right next to my face, even if I was eating a breakfast sandwich. It got me jonesing for my puppies back home who I get to see in very short order. I have a bunch of travel coming up – criss crossing across the country and working my way back slowly – to much warmer weather than what we have here in DC. I. Can’t. Wait! The reads are a little business heavy this week since I’m kind of obsessed with the topic of leadership right now…but I promise, there’s fun stuff too…

“Work life balance is achievable right after world peace!” I started following this blog on leadership at the recommendation of a friend. It’s awesome – add it to your Feedly/bookmarks/Digg Reader now!

This poor woman has a total meltdown when a herd of tumbleweeds crosses the highway she’s driving. It’s hilarious! (Don’t worry, no one gets hurt.)

Business Baby is my new favorite meme.

Feel like you’ve failed lately? Reframe it one of these five ways to help get over the hump.

Can’t wait to listen to this Ted talk on the secret sauce of incredible leaders.

Soundboardt. For the Beyonce fans out there.

The team that saved Healthcare.gov and a behind the scenes look into the technical trauma room.

How to identify bad career advice. (And lordy is there a lot out there!)

How to stop giving a fuck what people think of  you. A hard lesson to learn and one that I tackled this week.

5 tips for busy people who want to read more. (#1 is sooooo me! Stacks of unread books laying around…just taunting me.)

This adorable 4 year old loves playing dress up with nothing more than construction paper, tape and glue.

Space! OoooOOOOOooooOOOoOOOO!

10 beauty bloggers share their favorite products – and they were all new to me!

The job skill no one ever tells you to develop.

Why are so many comedians so screwed up? The Dark Psychology of Being A Good Comedian.

Dads matter – how to bring them back into the family.

A great interview with Greg Marsh of One Fine Stay.

When The New York Times mentioned Chelsea Handler as a parenthetical she broke it down for both the author and the audience – women will not be mere afterthoughts when their accomplishments demand otherwise.

Apparently we’re totally messing up our body’s natural caffeination schedule.

Alright lovahs, weekend…full steam ahead! I’ll leave you with my girl crush Ellie Goulding singing a childhood favorite, Rhythm Of The Night in a smoky, downbeat reinterpretation. 

Photo credit: Alejandra Owens (me!)

4 thoughts on “Weekend Reads: Business Baby, Soundboardt & Space!

  1. Dog butt. I always stop to make sure I pet any dog I see on the street, after I ask the owner/walker.

    I think you’re the bee’s knees. That’s all that should matter. And it’s funny, I so don’t really care what others think. I’m me, I like me. That’s all that matters.

    And … the video is set to private. :/

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