Weekend Reads: Beware The Internet, I Am The Walrus & News Smugglers

Beware The Internet - Buy Me Brunch

This shirt from Buy Me Brunch had me cracking up. Think I can get away with wearing it under a blazer to work? A blazer makes the internet demon more professional, right? Maybe on a Friday. Okay maybe only on a Friday when working from home. This has to be the weirdest link round up to date…hang in there with me…

World’s largest ball pit + photoshop = weird but hilarious.

Men in love walk slower. Great, now I have to keep track of your pacing?!

Sleep is so important and now science tells us why.

mmmMMMmMMm ENTJ are you?!

Quistic is the latest start up to come from Penelope Trunk. Online learning mixed with her brazen style of advice giving…I’m all in! 

How did it get ok for people to be late to everything? Seriously, it’s not cute.

Don’t know the answer to something? Please don’t say “I don’t know.”

The truth about baby carrots.

There’s your age, and then there’s your fitness age. Here’s a calculator to help you figure yours out.

That age old DC conversation starter, “What do you do?” Is also, apparently, the best way to kill a conversation.

40 ounces to freedom.

Never say goodbye. (And keep a box of tissues next to you.)

World’s most dangerous job? Syrian “news smugglers” – going where other journalists won’t.

The week’s song is a real oldie – in multiple ways. I’m a huge Oasis fan, even if they are huge jerks. They famously claimed to be better than The Beatles. Which, come on, is just laughable. But I do enjoy their cover of “I Am The Walrus”. Please don’t think less of me lovahs. Have a wonderful weekend!


Photo: Buy Me Brunch

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