Weekend Reads: Museums, Dating & Scandal Crushes


TGIF lovahs, am I right? When I started my career as a young public relations professional, my boss had all sorts of anecdotes, idioms and analogies to explain a PR girl’s life. One of the many was, “One day you’re up, the next day you’re down.” Nothing special about that, but it was always followed by a mini-speech about appreciating those highs because the lows are inevitably not far behind. This week had all sorts of highs and lows from all walks of high/low life and I never really have fancied roller coasters. You’ll find me at Bibiana having a big plate of pasta and some red wine this afternoon…

I think this was the best news to come out of the week: a national science fiction museum is in the works! Donate to help make it happen. Please!

Amusing doodles. I’ve never seen a stapler look so scary!

This is controversial one. What happens when a woman thinks (or knows) she doesn’t want to have children? Some very silly things are said. As someone who’s on the fence, I struggle to find answers that make others feel okay about my on-the-fenceness, but this sassy line made me giggle: “Thank you for your genuine concern regarding the status of my happiness, Deepak Chopra.” Maybe let’s just let people make decisions? Not everything requires a discussion.

The Albuquerque Balloon Festival is the world’s premier hot air balloon festival and makes for one gorgeous time lapse video.

A breaking news matrix to help you decipher real news from bullshit. 

What your favorite Fall outfit says about you.

Woo me to befriend me!

A cheese plate infographic that you should print out and put on your fridge.

Want to be happier? Screw being positive.

What ‘no’ means. (And doesn’t mean.) (Seriously, step back and calm down when you hear no at work guys.)

Laurie Anderson, wife to Lou Reed, wrote a touching farewell on Rolling Stone.com. Tears: 

Like many couples, we each constructed ways to be – strategies, and sometimes compromises, that would enable us to be part of a pair. Sometimes we lost a bit more than we were able to give, or gave up way too much, or felt abandoned. Sometimes we got really angry. But even when I was mad, I was never bored. We learned to forgive each other. And somehow, for 21 years, we tangled our minds and hearts together.

Time magazine anointed the Gods of Food this week. And women were scarce…unless they’re a pastry chef. Shame on you, Time.

Aziz Ansari brings the truth again, this time on dating. My only edit: the whole process can just stop after GIF number five most of the time.. 

Fuck Chip Wilson and his “some women shouldn’t be wearing our yoga pants” ideas. Everyone looks great in yoga pants.

A 4 year old asked a lesbian, “Are you a boy or a girl?” She gives the best answer. And shares a lesson about closets. Spoiler: everyone’s living in a closet of some sort.

What your Scandal crush says about you. (Gratuitous Scandal hotness.)

up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A 

Have a wonderful weekend, lovahs! May there be bacon and sticky buns in everyone’s future!

4 thoughts on “Weekend Reads: Museums, Dating & Scandal Crushes

  1. RE: babies. The decision to have children is extremely personal and private. Don’t ever fell like you have to justify your decision, whatever it ends up being. Its certainly not something a man should have an opinion on – unless he is your partner and even then, its still your body. AND don’t feel bad if you change your mind someday (like me ;)

    • I love you! And that’s the thing! I can change my mind, but don’t assume I will. And because I can change my mind, don’t make me defend my current position so adamantly that I’m backed into a corner. People are so odd sometimes.

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