The Guy Who Invented The Long Island Iced Tea

CB2 Brite Double Old Fashioned

I don’t know whether to curse Bob “Rosebud” Butt, or thank him for giving me some of the wildest nights of my life.

No, perverts, I don’t mean it that way. Ol’ Rosebud, as it were, invented the Long Island Iced Tea.

Back in college, oh dear that was so long ago now, somewhere in my senior year, I adopted the Long Island Iced Tea as my signature drink. Again, I can’t decide if this was a huge mistake, or a truly epic choice on my part, but that cocktail + youthful ignorance + a delusional sense of invincibility = some of my favorite nights ever. (And perhaps slightly less strict rules about bartenders over-serving patrons.)

“We had a contest at the bar we were working,” Butt starts, “They put a bottle of triple sec on the bar and they, uh, asked us to make something out of it. So 20 other bartenders and myself went to work and I came up with this drink!”

“We started out with a little vodka in the glass. A shot. We started out with some gin in the glass. About a shot. Rum. About a shot. Tequila. It was everything white at the bartender’s station. Some triple sec. Shot. Mmmm! A little bit of sour mix. And a little Coke, just to make the color. And there we have our Long Island Iced Tea”

I like how Rosebud equates a little bit of alcohol with a shot. Right. Thanks, guy. My friends, who, in an act of total selflessness, hoisted me onto my dorm room bed after a night of dancing around Club Congress fueled only by Long Island Iced Teas and a collegiate version of Shakti, do not thank you.

Photo: Brite Double Old Fashioned, CB2, $6.95.

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