Weekend Reads: Art & Shiny Ponies Edition

Coffee & Sticky Bun

I couldn’t be more ready for the weekend. How about you guys? I was sick all last week (hence, no posts, sorry!) and this week, per usual got away from me. I find myself super envious of folks who get to blog all day (on their own blogs, that is) and share beautiful, interesting things. I continue the glorious struggle to find a way to blog all week long here, and elsewhere, while not completely overwhelming myself.

Well, no matter what we all do this weekend, let’s resolve to make it fun, relaxing and beautiful! Now on to the links…

Where should you sit at those awkward dinner parties where you don’t know anyone? This handy chart helps you choose!

Here’s a map of every meteorite since 2,300 BCE. Yah. It was made by Javier de la Torre using data from the Meteoritical Society. (Eesh, there’s a society for everything!)

You can ship anything nowadays! Even a couple pandas and a 100 kilos of bamboo! (Snacks, while flying, are very important. No one likes airplane food.)

I was reminded last night that when it comes to art, I’m more of a literal person. Which is probably why I like photography and these pretty ridiculous interpretations of common Facebook vernacular are…well…ridiculous.

Here’s some #realtalk that will make you a better person. Also: ouch!? That shit kinda stings!

I have never liked the Today show, but New York Magazine’s scathing profile of Matt Lauer made me like it even less.

What do you think of unconditional love? And what if I told you there’s a woman out there who unconditionally lovesLil’ Wayne?

In the future thuggish union types will rig Uber‘s rating system. But are we ready for a wave of data Darwinism?

While I might like literal art, quirky art installations always get my attention. Like putting multicolor, glowing bulbs on a river! Or covering an entire village in optical illusions! (If you turn your head to the left, squint and hop up and down…)

Another New York Magazine zinger on the parties we should have instead of weddings reminds me of the Sex and the City episode with the baby shower and the case of the missing Manolos.

Hey, speaking of shoes, here’s J. Crew’s Jenna Lyons talking about “Shiny Ponies.” That’s J. Crew slang for “really awesome shoes.”

Have a great weekend, homies!

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