Where The Heck Have I Been?!

I swear, I haven’t disappeared. No. On the contrary. I’ve been around. Oh, like. Alllll around. I’ve been blogging and writing and eating my face off.

I’ve been writing mostly for Food Network. That’s right. You heard me. Food Network. Pretty cool, huh!?

See, Food Network launched City Eats here in DC. It’s a table booking site, and competitor to Open Table. You can see sexy pictures of all the food you’ll eat, videos of the restaurants and even interviews with the chefs. Then you read a little profile written by someone like moi or Kelly DiNardo or Cynthia Hacinli. A few of the restaurant profiles I’ve written include:

And when I wasn’t writing restaurant profiles for City Eats, I was writing blog posts! I have a weekly column where I round up the food news and events from around town. I also wrote this piece about Allison Sosna who is, probably one of my most favorite people in town. And this little diddy about the James Beard Awards’ Outstanding Bar Program. There will be more profiles and blog posts coming up too!

And when I wasn’t writing for City Eats, I was writing for Borderstan! I’ve moved up in the world over there a little bit. Now Food Editor of sorts, I’m on the hunt for great writers who love to eat…and write about it! It’s fun to be a part of something like that, and as always, a part of the neighborhood.

And when I wasn’t writing for those sites I was farmers marketing and cooking and eating out and baking and traveling. I was hanging out with friends and indulging in life a little bit. It’s been a lot, I’ll admit. My schedule is pretty insane. But how in the world can I complain? Life has been great. Good food, good people and great memories. As I’ve come to say so often lately, if food is love, I’ve been loved a lot over the last few months.

Sorry I’ve been MIA, but you can forgive me right? Are you guys ready to get back into with it me? Because I am so ready to start sharing some of the amazing stuff I’ve been eating! Cheers!

7 thoughts on “Where The Heck Have I Been?!

  1. ASO: Those that follow U on twitter too never felt U were MIA. We have enjoyed ur quips on where U R, Who U R with, What U R eating, & what the thirst quencher of the evening will B. We’ve met other foodies Ur BF’s like rachaelgking, NotDerbyPie, jigolden, arlusk, & go to a place like Little Serow. Last but not least, we got a glimpse into the DC School lunch program & DCCK Chef Allison Sosna. Allison’s programs for the schools R outstanding. All N all, I think we’ll give a little slack & probably deserve at least 2 fingers of bourbon on the rocks. Keep it up.

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