Best Thing I Ate Last Week – 1905 Edition

So, as you can assume, I’ve been eating out a lot lately. I mean, like, four days a week a lot. I know, I know, it’s not healthy. For me or for my wallet. But I swear it’s pretty awesome.

I’ve been eating some insanely good food. It’s impossible to name my all-time favorites so I’ve decided to check in with you weekly and report back on the best thing I ate the week before.

Last week’s winner clocked in at the 11th hour. Literally, I ate it around 11pm on Saturday night at 1905 Restaurant on 9th and U Street here in DC. The braised Colorado lamb sandwich on Asiago bread with gruyère which is served with red wine demi-glace is blo-ho-ho-w your mind amazing. Tender, juicy, pull-apart hunks of meat doused in that demi-glace had my eyes rolling in pure bliss.

I don’t have a pic of that sandwich. It lasted about ten seconds.

I do however have a pic of my second most favorite thing I ate this week: the escargot at 1905. I don’t eat a lot of snail, so I wouldn’t call myself an expert. But this escargot was better than the escargot I had at Bistro Du Coin. Yeah. I said it. 1905 does snail better than the iconic French restaurant in town. They’re jam packed with garlic and butter and…parmesan! You just reach right in there with the little fork and yank ’em out. It’s perfect. More perfect than you would think.

So there you have it. Get your butt to 1905 for some snails and lamb and brag about it all to your friends. Cause you will totally have bragging rights. Totally.


2 thoughts on “Best Thing I Ate Last Week – 1905 Edition

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