#GSD: WordPress MeetUp


This blog, and every blog I’ve ever worked on, is run on WordPress. That said, I like to attend the local DC WordPress meetups when I can. Usually, I learn a nugget here or there for my personal blog. Sometimes I learn enough to be dangerous at work: “Something something widget something something plugin something something give me what I want!” :)

Tomorrow (Tuesday, April 9th, at 7pm) is a bit special though because I’m actually presenting. (Oh snap!) I’m not a WordPress developer so don’t expect anything about developing plugins or back end anything. However, you should come if you are/want to know:

  • How I increased traffic to the AARP blog 500% in one year. 
  • Run a blog – large/small, corporate/personal.
  • Are interested in integrated content strategy.
  • Want to be a better blogger, period.
  • Need some #RealTalk to whip your blogging strategy into shape.
  • Need your boss to hear some #RealTalk to whip your blogging strategy into shape.

So basically, instead of hiring an agency to say all that shit you say constantly but your boss or team won’t be hearin’ from you – bring them tomorrow night. I’ll say it. You can owe me a glass of wine.

Also instead of being all, “Oh hey Alejandra can I pick your brain about blogging sometime?” You can come to this! There’s even beer. And if I’m feeling cool, I’ll bring bourbon.

Oh, and did I mention, the event is FREE? Yeah – no budget proposals and worrying about getting reimbursed. Free!

Either way, these shindigs are fun! And you always learn – like, owww! My brain hurts! learn.

Special Note For The Ladies: There’s always women in the room for these meetups (read: it’s not a big ol’ sausage fest) – and I want tomorrow to be no different. Come with a friend, or, I’ll be your friend for the night! Either way, if you’re worried about not knowing anyone, looking stupid or just generally skittish about coming to stuff like this – this is your night! Get yo’ booty up off that chair and come on down!

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