The Week In Food

Tick tock. Tick tock. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and you…yeah you…do you have your dinner reservations?  Check out the CityEats Valentine’s Day Restaurant Guide because there are still a few hotspots with availability. But if you’re feeling more casual, there’s always the opportunity to find love at your local Chipotle this year.

But back to the more mundane – our morning coffee. Hi, my name is Alejandra Owens and I’m a caffeine fiend. Are you? Chances are, if you’re slurping a cup of joe from one of DC’s boutique coffee joints, you’ve probably got the itch for Counter Culture coffee. Washington City Paper exposes just how Counter Culture took over the DC coffee scene.

The battle over food truck regulations wages on in a George R. R. Martin fashion – slow moving but riveting at every turn. The DC Food Truck Association (House Stark) has launched a petition asking the citizens of DC to help them pass the proposed regulations, only with a few changes. Meanwhile, the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington (House Lannister) has launched a petition of its own asking citizens of DC to stand up against the regulations…as they will propagate horrific parking and trash conditions in our fair city. As if we didn’t already have parking issues?

Read the rest of the week in food news over at City Eats’ The Plate! 

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