Chocolate Cherry Cake with Chocolate Ganache

I love this cake. I love this cake because it’s moist, rich, decadent…I love it because it is the easiest recipe in the WORLD…and I extra love it because my mom shared it with me and together, we pretty much swear by it.

Don’t judge me because it calls for boxed cake mix! Don’t judge me because it calls for a CAN of pie FILLING! Because while food bloggers all over the Google tubes just had a heart attack…I will ask you to JUST TRUST ME. This cake will make mouths happy, tummies full and you will generally be regarded as the BOMB for making it.


A note from the baker on this one…one of the best things about this cake is how moist it is. That being said, for the best possible taste, I would serve immediately after pouring the ganache on. Second best, bake the cake(s) a day in advance, saran wrap and refrigerate over night, set out and bring to room temp before making/pouring the ganache and then do the ganache action.

Also – sorry the picture isn’t that fab this time. I was taking pictures in my fluorescent-lit office at 7:30am.

Chocolate Cherry Cake

1 box super moist fudge cake mix (MUST BE FUDGE!!)

1 21oz can cherry pie filling

2 eggs (lightly beat them first)

1tsp almond extract

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl gently (don’t want to tear up the cherries!) until combined. I plopped my batter into one 8in. and one 9in. round cake pan and baked about a half hour or until a knife inserted into the center came out clean. But you can bake in a 13x9in pan and follow the cooking time instructions on your box of cake mix. Let cool at least a half hour before putting ganache on top.

Chocolate Ganache

Adapted from Ina Garten

1/2 cup heavy cream

8 oz good quality semi-sweet chocolate chips

Cook the heavy cream and chocolate chips in a pot on the stove over medium/low heat stirring occasionally. Now, you could go all Ina here and rig up a double boiler but, I didn’t have the time or patience for that. Just cook over a gentle flame, stir regularly and monitor your pot so you don’t burn the chocolate. You’ll do fine.

Place your cakes on a stand or plate, and gently and slowly drizzle the warm ganache over them. You’ll want to use a rubber spatula or off-set icing spatula to evenly distribute/push the ganache over the edges of the cake to get that drizzly, oops! Look how pretty it looks when it gushes over the side of the cake! look.

You could also just leave the cakes in your chosen pan and pour the ganache over the cake…but that doesn’t get the afore mentioned oops! look.

6 thoughts on “Chocolate Cherry Cake with Chocolate Ganache

  1. This makes me wish I didn’t live in a tiny, oven-less studio apartment! But once this semester is over and I move to a bigger place, I’m trying this out, first thing :)

  2. Made this tonight and it came out awesome! It was my first time baking anything more than toll house chocolate chip cookies. I love to cook but baking frustrates me (mostly because when you cook you can alter the recipe as you go along. Not so much with baking). Here’s three pics of the outcome.

    1) out of the oven:
    2) ganache applied:
    3) ready to eat:

    Thanks for sharing this recipe. It was a big hit. I’m looking forward to trying some of your other recipes on the blog.

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