A Few of My Favorite Things

I was doing dishes last night and realized how often I wash my Mom’s wooden spoon. I use it for something nearly every day! Whether it’s to clean the coffee grinds out of my french press, to saute veggies or to stir a muffin batter…I love that spoon. Which got me thinking about my other favorite kitchen things…

…those infamous cookie scoops I wax poetic, and sometimes obsessive, about.

And the juicer. Ah the juicer. It was an impulse, “I deserve to get something ┬ánice for myself gift.” And wow did I love it when I was making that lemon curd.

Finally, my Bodum french press. A Christmas gift from Mom…it fuels me daily. I love the ritual of boiling the water, grinding up my beans (Zabars right now, thank you sir!) and then slowly pressing them down, making the bean juice.

What are your favorite kitchen tools right now?