Tomato Cucumber Orzo Salad

More beach recipes! I served up this one with grilled chicken and the cilantro garlic yogurt sauce. It was a greek-ish inspired meal…of sorts.

Another non-recipe recipe here. The BF really loves tomato-cucumber salad, I wanted a pasta salad and love orzo and ta-da! A side dish!

Unlike potato salads, and even guacamole, this wasn’t heavy at all. It was cold to the chicken’s hot, cool to the bite of the yogurt and lightly crunchy thanks to the cucumbers.

I hope you like it as much as we did :)


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The Best Guacamole. Ever.

What goes better with carne asada tacos than guacamole? Um. Nothing.

I love guacamole. It’s my favorite summer snack. Sometimes the avocados don’t even last long enough to make it into the bowl for mashing…I just love to eat them with a sprinkle of salt.

Everyone has a trick to making the best guac ever. Well, mine is cumin. Balk at it if you want, but it totally changes the stuff. Including it is to make your summer bbq memorable. To not include it is to, well, miss out.

Ok, not really.


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Spaghetti with Grape Tomatoes and Basil

Sometimes using simple, fresh ingredients and letting them shine is the best thing you can do for a dish.

Sometimes, you’re feeling lazy and are looking in the fridge thinking, “I have to eat. Something. What the heck am I gonna make?” And at that moment you see the grape tomatoes you bought at the farmers market…and that almost-wilted-but-not-quite bundle of basil you bought cause it was a steal. Right after that you wish you had a tub of mozzarella to eat the tomatoes and basil with but you don’t, so you settle on pasta. OH fine!

In all honesty, I forgot how good a drizzle of olive oil, a shake of Parmesan and a sprinkle of salt and pepper could be on pasta. No heavy, acidic sauces to give me heart burn at 2am. Yum!

So, the next time you’ve had a long day and just want something to eat that’s fast and easy…try this one out.


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Chicken with Tomatoes and Rice

Well. Everyone cooks a bootleg dinner every now and then, right? A dish that is born of laziness, missing a few trips to the grocery store and limited  resources in the cupboard. Yep. Last week I had THAT night.

I had leftover brown rice, a can of diced tomatoes, a frozen chicken breast…and a can of V8. God  help me now…I hope this isn’t the post that, like, a chef I really admire ends up reading.

What I really want you to get from this post…this recipe…is that you can ALWAYS make SOMETHING tasty for dinner, you just need to get creative. :)


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Breakfast for Dinner and Roasted Tomatoes with Herb Paste

Sometimes, you gotta get back to basics…aka, I’m really effin’ tired and I can’t even begin to THINK about what to make for dinner let alone COOK it.

Solution? Breakfast for dinner! It’s the type of menu I lived for when I was little. Especially after we got a waffle iron! Ah! *faints*

As an adult, I don’t have a waffle iron so a good ol’ three-egg scramble with stuff found in my fridge usually hits the spot. An onion (chopped perfectly…thank you very much!),  some mushrooms, garlic and Cholula sauce combined with three scrambled eggs makes for quite a nice meal, yes?

Here’s another winning combo: toast, scrambled eggs and…roasted tomatoes with an herb paste! I told you you might see a few Weight Watchers recipes soon, and this is one of ’em. It’s a flavorful way to pump up your dinners (breakfast and lunches) that happens to be pretty darn easy too!

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Cheater’s Minestrone

Want something easy to make for dinner? Something that’s tasty and carby and mmmm it’s cold outside!? This is the soup for you!

It’s from Giada De Laurentis who I generally regard as the cutest cook on Food Network. She’s the kinda girl I’d like to be gal pals with. We would make big yummy Italian dinners and then eat chocolate ricotta mousse afterward laughing about the night’s events. Or something.

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