Smucker Farms of Lancaster Co. Grand Opening

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A Four-Step Guide To Shopping at The Farmers Market

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Best Thing I Ate Last Week: Hunter’s Stew

I was in New York most of the weekend visiting my friend, and Friday night’s dinner was at Freemans restaurant. This little spot is tucked away, quite literally, at the end of Freeman’s Alley off Rivington between Chrystie and Bowery on the Lower East Side.

To say the menu is rustic is an understatement. Dishes are meat-centric and with a clear focus on game. When venison, elk, wild boar and various fish appear on your menu, simply prepared and seasoned with a variety of herbs, I know I’ve found my restaurant version of home.

“The idea of the restaurant was to make a rugged clandestine colonial American tavern. The cuisine was also imagined to be early American: simple, rustic and inspired by old world traditions.”

Yes! Yes, I can get behind your colonial American tavern! I had the Hunter’s Stew that night, while my friends had the Arctic Char and Five-Cheese Macaroni and each dish was robust without being complicated and definitely not fussy.

We weren’t there for the cocktails, but I can easily see how plopping down at the tiny bar for a nosh and a drink could become a habit if I lived in the city. The drinks menu features 9 hand crafted cocktails, divided into wine-like categories such as “light and easy” and “dark and complex” making it easy to pair a cocktail with your mood.

The decor carries the rustic/American colonial theme to create a dark and cozy mood for the spot. If you don’t like the visual of a stuffed geese poised to fly off its wall placard or deer heads and antlers hanging as a reminder of what you’re about to eat – then this might not be your spot. It might sound rough, but Freeman’s seems to also have procured every last piece of reclaimed wood, tea light candles and woodsy vegetation for its decor, which softens up the “honey I’m home with a deer on my hood” feeling.

You can follow Freemans on Twitter, but the next time you’re in New York City I definitely recommend putting this on your to-do list.

Catch Up: Traveling Edition

I’ve started a marathon of traveling adventures. It involves a lot of bopping around the country for work and a little time at the end for myself. New York, DC, Boston, DC, Austin, Phoenix and finally DC again! I’m looking forward to the miles earned and the work outs (I always work out more when I travel) but the packing and the lack of sleep will suck!

I was in New York City this weekend and there was a trip to The Met. I felt so sophisticated…if not for some Game of Thrones references in the armor room and a Stargate mention in the Egyptian wing.

So a couple of weeks ago something really fun happened. You guys know I like my kitchen porn, but did you know I’m a pretty avid Pinterest-er? So much so that Refinery 29 actually featured me on a list of 15 Top-Notch Local Design Bloggers (And Pinners!) To Follow Now! My “I want that in my house” board was featured in some really great company. D’awww! Thanks guys!

I also bought a new 13″ MacBook Pro and a new couch. Despite having budgeted for these items I still had a chest-clutching moment of fiscal regret. I’m already over the cost of the computer – as I sit here typing on it I’m already in love. The couch. Hopefully I’ll feel the same about it when it arrives.

What have you guys been up to? Next week I have a great “best thing I ate last week” for you. Not that I haven’t been eating great food lately, but nothing’s been much of a stand out. What eating adventures have you been on?


PS – Don’t ya just love my new little piggie ring?! It’s from Madewell.

Best Thing I Ate Last Week: Burger Edition

I’m no stranger to eating my feelings, and I’m starting to see a pattern. Clearly when I’m angsty, angry or feeling anything other than my usually blissful self I crave red meat.

Last week was re-entry week. The first week back at work. The first week back on a schedule, in a routine. And man did it suck. So when fellow food blogger, friend and boss lady, @floridagirlindc said to me in a dead-pan-for-fuckin’-real kinda voice, “You wanna go to Fiola?” I was like, “YES, PLEASE!”

I adore Fiola for so many reasons but really all you need to know are two names and it explains it all: Fabio Trabocchi and Jeff Faile. There. Bam! I’ve changed your world. Fabio’s food is upscale Italian at its best, and to be honest, he’s one of the few Italian-focused chefs in town that doesn’t make me regret throwin’ down my credit card for a pasta dinner. Jeff is the bar manager and cocktail extraordinaire. I met Jeff a year ago now at a food event and fell in love with his manhattans. Since then he’s become one of my favorite bartenders in town – for both what he can do with a bottle of booze and for his upbeat, friendly demeanor behind the bar.

So yeah, two girls who needed to blow off some steam found themselves at Fiola’s bar, scarfing down a BLT burger with warm crispy, salty fries. It’s such a simple thing, but honestly, there’s a lot of shit burgers in town lately and this one now tops my list as a favorite.

If you haven’t been to Fiola yet, or think it’s out of your price range, consider a lunch trip! They have fabulous specials and combos at the bar during lunch and the bar snacks at happy hour are fabulous as well. It’s a lunch or happy hour you won’t regret – in fact, take someone with you who you want to impress, because you’re going to look so, so very good.

Photo thanks to @floridagirlindc, Tammy Gordon

The Best Thing I Ate Last Week: Phoenix Edition

Listen. If you’re going to judge me for naming the best thing I ate last week a dish from a chain restaurant, you can, kindly, close your browser window and walk away from my blog.

Because you simply have not had the chorizo-stuffed pork tenderloin at ZTejas Southwestern Grill in Arizona. Yet. You’ll have it if you’re here. I promise you, you’ll regret it if you don’t.

Where do I start? It’s hard to find well-seasoned chorizo in DC, so I really appreciate a spicy but not flaming hot sausage. The meat lets you know there’s some heat there, but it’s not going to have you reaching for a glass of milk.

In fact, where’s Mrs. Wheelbarrow and her Charcutapalooza crew? I’d like to see her take on fresh, home-made chorizo.

As if the chorizo wasn’t enough, it’s then wrapped in a juicy pork tenderloin. Oh and there’s poblano peppers all wrapped up in there too!  They could stop right there and not bother with the sauces, the mashed potatoes and the vegetables. There’s really no need for all that extra stuff on the plate. Because when those little meaty medallions land in front of me it’s like I have tunnel vision…and I don’t come back up until they’re all gone.