Keepin’ It Simple…Stupid

I’m a mess people. A mess. When it rains it pours.

I resolved to cooking more nights this week than not. So far, not so bad. However. It’s not without a hitch. I’m trying to keep things simple: tomato/basil/mozzarella…grilled chicken salads…stuff like that. But then there’s this:

My squash blossoms have shriveled! You know…I should have known such delicate little things would go bad quickly. It’s Wednesday…Thursday when most of you will read this. And they’re so sad. :( Look at them! I was lazy about getting to the grocery to get all my ingredients. That’s what I get. Shriveled squash blossoms.

Oh. And did I mention…my camera batteries are kaput? I need to go buy new ones. I took these…with my blackberry.

The week isn’t over yet. We’ll see how I do. *crossing my fingers, toes and eyes* Sigh.