Brioche Spinach Gruyere Strata

I love eggs. Oeufs. If beans are the magical fruit, eggs are the magical dairy. They go with every meal, in any form or method of cooking. They can be savory, they can be sweet. They can add creaminess, body or density to a dish.  They are probably the most versatile and fulfilling ingredient or food I have in my refrigerator. And I have eggs in my fridge all the time – it’s one thing I am never out of.

When I’ve had a long day, or a long week, and it’s time to feed myself I often turn to eggs for dinner and make some form of a savory egg dish. Breakfast for dinner! It’s my favorite kind of dinner actually.

So when, awhile ago now, I had a quickly going stale half-loaf of brioche from the Penn Quarter Farmers’ Market I had to act fast.  Eggs + bread = strata and/or bread pudding in my mind. A quick search on Epicurious brought up a very easy spinach and Gruyère strata recipe that seemed pretty good.

A coffee shop in DC, Tryst for you local folks, serves a frittata where the eggs are almost custard-like. It is divine, and I’ve always wondered how they got that consistency. Well, now I know. A lot of milk. Because when I finally tasted my strata, the eggs were so soft, smooth and had a delicate custard-like texture about them. For what you think would be a very dense, heavy dish actually ended up being incredibly light and filling in a pleasant way.

My only complaint about the dish isn’t even a complaint – I live alone and this made servings for 5 or 6 people! I was eating strata for days, which in the end isn’t that bad I suppose. If you have an army to feed, or are responsible for an egg dish at your next brunch potluck, this strata is perfect!

So, what’s your favorite thing to do with eggs?

Recipe after the jump, enjoy!

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