Chicken Enchiladas

I feel like Bubba Gump but instead of shrimp, it’s chicken. As many of you will recall, I roasted a chicken not too long ago and it’s been feeding me the way I imagine bison used to feed whole tribes back in the day…for a very, very long time.

So this was the second installment of chicken dishes I made. The BF had swooped into town at the last minute on a very cheap ticket (hat tip, American Airlines, thank you!) and true to form I experimented with a recipe and made him eat it.

Okay. Imma say this now…I love Tyler Florence, I really do. But I’m half Mexican-American and I’m from Arizona and I know my Mexican food and I’m weirdly obsessed about it being JUST RIGHT. The way those BBQ guys are on Pitmasters are on TLC.

So…nice try, Tyler?! I was encouraged by the comments…everyone proclaiming that these were so delicious and yummy. And they’re good. I mean, they’re not bad. They just aren’t my Valle Luna. So once I got over that I really enjoyed them.

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