Flour Tortillas – First Try

My name is Alejandra. I’m from Southern Arizona. I can eat a dozen tortillas in one sitting.

No, I don’t have a ‘problem.’ If I had any ‘problem’ it would be that I hardly ever get to eat anything that remotely gets close to looking like authentic Mexican food around these parts!!!

A girl just wants a decent tortilla sometimes. Heated up and shmeared with creamy, yellow butter…melting all over the place…rolled up.

When I was little, that was my after-school snack! How money is that! Thanks, Mom :)

Food In My Beard recently made tortillas to go along with a quesadilla type dish so tortillas were on my mind a few weekends ago. The BF was bored and when he asked me what we could do for fun, I said, “Make tortillas?” He was game so I thought, why not? We’ll give it a try.

They were ok…they reminded me a bit of Mission Tortillas. Thick and spongy. Even after I obsessively rolled them out so thin they were practically see through, they were still thick and spongy!! They tasted good. They just weren’t thin enough. Or melt-in-your-mouth enough.

Maybe lard instead of shortening? Maybe obsessively roll them out even thinner? Maybe I need a comal?

My mom used to tell me a story about how, when she was a young girl living with her Grandparents, her Grandmother tried to teach her how to make tortillas. My mom, frustrated after a few failed batches, would just ball up the dough and throw it out the kitchen window into the front yard. Needless to say, a few hours later, there was a lot of dough in the front yard. She lost her desire to ever make homemade tortillas right then and there.

I don’t blame ya’ Mom! Theses things are a betch.

Here’s the recipe if you want to give it a try. While you do that, I’m going to try out Pioneer Woman’s tortillas next. I’m pretty much going to keep trying recipes until I find the best one. And then I will share that with you. And then we will all never eat spongy, inadequate, decidedly un-Mexican tortillas ever again.


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