Co Co. Sala Marshmallows

Remember awhile back when I made marshmallows from scratch? And then I pleaded to Co Co. Sala for help? Well, they answered my plea. And they even let me come in and learn how to make marshmallows from scratch. Their way. The right way.

I was in awe. I asked so many questions. I squealed in delight. I fell just short putting my face in the pan of marshmallow fluff and licking it all up.

The good news: it’s not rocket science and their recipe is incredibly similar to the one I was using. The bad news: they’re a restaurant…with ingredients and equipment my budget and tiny kitchen can’t accommodate. It’s okay though! They’re not going to stop making marshmallows anytime soon, so whenever I need a fix I can pop over to Co Co. Sala and indulge myself. It’s probably better that way. Their marshmallows are so addictive they should be a controlled substance.

Nisha at Co Co. Sala (shout out!) invited me over and hooked me up with Katie, their chocolatier, for a marshmallow lesson. Here’s the step by step in photos and ingredients/measurements! I seriously can’t say thank you enough – and that Nisha and Katie were just so damn nice made it even better. Say hello to them if you’re ever there!

Ready?! Ok! First the mise en place…

You’ll notice that Katie uses sheet gelatin. I’d never heard of or seen the stuff before! Katie did a little research and found a box on Amazon for more than I would pay for it, but it turns out King Arthur sells 20 sheets for $8! You soak it in ice water for a few minutes, strain and squeeeeeeze excess water out, then heat it in the microwave to melt it. I’ll just say, this gelatin looked nothing like the stuff I used :(

Recipe and the whole process after the jump…

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Vegetable Frittata and Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette

After all that market talk, I headed down to the Dupont Circle Farmers’ Market Sunday morning in search of great spring veggies for a frittata. Sadly, there’s not a huge selection of veggies yet, but what was there was great.

Some fresh salad greens, artisan bread and green, white and red onions…it was a successful trip. Oh! And…I got some quark cheese. A first for me, but it was so delicious when I tried it I had to get some. UPDATE: the cheese is from Keswick Creamery!

A quick pit stop at the Harris Teeter (or, The Teet, as I like to call it) to pick up bell peppers and asparagus (I HAD to have asparagus for some reason) and I was ready to frittata my evening up.

I’m pretty sure that making a frittata is the easiest meal you can make for either breakfast or dinner. And if you’re only feeding one or two mouths, making one can easily fill your belly for lunch and dinner the next day.

There’s no messing this one up folks. Pick a cheese, a meat (optional) and some veggies. Generally speaking, I’d say you need about 2 cups chopped veggies, 1 cup diced/chopped meat and 1/2-1 cup cheese (depending on what kind you’re using). That’s all estimated because you should feel free to put as much or as little in your frittata as you like. I’ve listed some ideas to get you rollin’ below the jump!

I served my frittata with a delicate green salad drizzled with a lemon vinaigrette and a charred piece of artisan bread spread with fresh quark cheese. How can you not love a dinner like this!?


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Mascarpone Pancakes with Lemon Curd and Blueberries

Good lord is this post late on the comin’! I made these delicious pancakes and lemon curd WEEKS ago…thenleft forAustin, TX without writing down the lemon curd recipe! Bagh! How annoying!

Anyhoot ‘n hollar. Here we go. I very much wanted to recreate these farmer’s cheese pancakes I had in St. Louis…and I got close! I have a tendency to over cook pancakes…why, I do not know! And the lemon curd wasn’t as thin as the stuff on my St. Louis pancakes…HOWEVER…it was quite yummy and I was very proud of myself.

Have you ever made something that has  you texting/phoning/tweeting everyone you know about it? Yeah…the lemon curd was that thing for me.

Aren’t they beauties?! So fresh and yellow and…lemony! You’d be surprised at how easy the lemon curd is to make. Only word of caution on this recipe: watch the pot! Don’t. Walk. Away. From. The pot! Keep stirring and pay close attention to the consistency. There’s really not such a thing as too thin, I learned. But there IS such a thing as, “Oh look! The eggs just curdled!” Yeah. So watch that.


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Breakfast for Dinner and Roasted Tomatoes with Herb Paste

Sometimes, you gotta get back to basics…aka, I’m really effin’ tired and I can’t even begin to THINK about what to make for dinner let alone COOK it.

Solution? Breakfast for dinner! It’s the type of menu I lived for when I was little. Especially after we got a waffle iron! Ah! *faints*

As an adult, I don’t have a waffle iron so a good ol’ three-egg scramble with stuff found in my fridge usually hits the spot. An onion (chopped perfectly…thank you very much!),  some mushrooms, garlic and Cholula sauce combined with three scrambled eggs makes for quite a nice meal, yes?

Here’s another winning combo: toast, scrambled eggs and…roasted tomatoes with an herb paste! I told you you might see a few Weight Watchers recipes soon, and this is one of ’em. It’s a flavorful way to pump up your dinners (breakfast and lunches) that happens to be pretty darn easy too!

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Eggs en Cocotte

Do you like breakfast? I love breakfast. I love breakfast like I love my dogs (they live in Phoenix with my parents)…I experience pure bliss when I’m with them, but miss them ’cause I don’t get to see them often. And so goes the same with breakfast…I don’t see breakfast much at all. Early rising, busy mornings…not a great recipe for a proper, scrumptious breakfast.

But eggs en cocotte have changed that. I’d seen a few recipes for eggs en cocotte (or just, baked eggs if it’s too early for a faux French accent), one at The Kitchn and another at Pete Bakes!, and thought, “Hmm…this looks interesting!”

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