DC’s Coffee Scene Has A Secret: Thursday Night Throwdown

Your barista has a dirty little secret. (Starbucks baristas excluded.) Or at least mine did. Until he told me all about it. DC, see, has a seedy, espresso ground littered underbelly.

It’s a little like fight club. Only brighter. And not in a basement or abandoned warehouse. And there’s no… fighting. Okay, it’s not like fight club at all, but up until DC’s hipster barista contingent issued a public challenge to their counterparts in Philadelphia, the latte art fight club that is Thursday Night Throwdown had gone largely unheard of. (This month it was at Flying Fish Coffee & Tea in Mount Pleasant.)

By now we’ve all realized, DC’s coffee scene is growing up! And growing up quickly according to Jon Riethmaier, editor of DistrictBean.com. “The DC coffee scene is really solid, and there’s a lot of evidence the foundation has been set for major growth in the immediate-to-near future,” says Riethmaier. “There are shops in DC that are neighborhood institutions. These shops have elevated DC’s coffee consciousness and deserve a lot of credit. There’s also newer ventures and soon-to-be-open shops that will continue to raise the bar. The future looks bright, for sure.”

Read the more about Thursday Night Throwdown at Borderstan.com! 

An Ode To Diner Coffee

Oh diner coffee. Your mug so thick, off-white and heavy in my hand. Your taste so reviving. Your smell all-encompassing.

When I was little, and living in Tucson, AZ, my mom used to take me to Village Inn. (Which, at the time, did not feel like an over-commercialized schlepy Denny’s.)  She would get a cup of coffee. I would get a hot chocolate (lots of whipped cream, please!). And we would split of a piece of pie.

This is when my love affair with those big, thick ceramic mugs started.

Sometime in grad school I got hooked on black coffee. That’s when I fell in love with diners. The coffee at diners is always better. Better than Starbucks. Better than Filter Coffeehouse. Why? Because something about diner coffee warms my soul. It’s where I go on cold, winter nights after hours of cramming for exams. It’s where you go with your mom to talk about life. It’s where you go for brunch with girlfriends.

Over diner coffee, I have made the best memories, had the best laughs and cried my best tears.

Cheers, diner coffee.

Iced Coffee (Cause Damn, It’s Hot Out)

I’m blogging from New York City today…I’m at the World Innovation Forum. I’m getting all inspired and letting my creative juices flow and I’m thinking about how I can be more innovative at work. (I think I heard a collective groan from my colleagues back in DC.) I realize this isn’t food related, but if you’re interested in more on the subject, check me out on Twitter…I’m annoyingly live tweeting the event.

Is it just me, or did it get damn hot out of nowhere? DC has been experiencing some particularly sticky weather…and my Mom in Phoenix tells me they’ve already broken 100 degrees! My parents also had the unfortunate experience of their air conditioner breaking at exactly the wrong moment. Oh. Yay.

If you’re anything like me, you’re a coffee addict. But it’s too hot out to really enjoy my cup of joe all hot and steaming. The last thing I want to do in the morning is cozy up with my Starbucks cup…it’s more likely that I want to hold a cool, icy cup to my forehead somewhere around 8:30 in the morning cause it’s already so freakin’ hot I’m gettin’ dewy!

So I’m going to share with you how to brew some kick-ass iced coffee at home.


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