Pot Roast and Popover Panoply

The BF likes meat and potatoes. If it comes from a cow and is a brown root vegetable, he’ll eat it and love it. So last weekend (Sunday to be exact) in a one-two punch to my New Year’s resolutions I took on mastering meat and rocking the crock pot and slow cooked a pot roast. I chose popovers as a side because I’d been thinking about BLT Steak’s popovers which…are…um, how do I say, other-worldly?! 

First step to tackling new recipes: get all the appropriate hardware. I didn’t have a popover pan (and in retrospect probably didn’t need one but I wasn’t about to use a muffin pan for my first popover experiment, duuhhh!) and so the hunt began. I first visited Coffee and The Works which is my go-to, in-my-hood, last-minute, looking-for-odd-ball cooking-related needs (giant pizza spatula, anyone?!)and!…they were out of popover pans. Okay, okay fine. Bed Bath and Beyond will have one right?! No. Okay at that point I felt like I was destined to NOT make popovers, but I pressed on. Hills Kitchen!! Success! Not only did they have a popover pan…they had TWO KINDS!! So I bought the one that looked like the pans BLT Steak uses (cause I’m a copy-cat like that). 

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