2 Pasta Salads

I got a request (*ahem* I hope you’re reading, Tom.) for some healthy items. Well…I bake…and that’s not really the healthiest. However, I do have a New Year’s resolution to cook regular food more often this year. So into the cook books I went!

Whenever I think “healthy” I think farmer’s market…well it’s January, so scratch that. The second thing I think of is Weight Watchers. See, when I was 17, I spent a summer away from home…and having never cooked for myself, I proceeded to dine out for three months straight in ignorant bliss. My mother and father came to pick me up at the end of the summer and my poor mom was in pure shock. I had gained something in the vicinity of 20lbs. Yes. TWENTY POUNDS. So guess who ended up in Weight Watchers at the beginning of her senior year of high school? That’s right, this girl.

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