Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

Remember when I went to Austin? Yeah…I remember all that bacon!! Bacon everywhere in everything…bacon!!

What an inspiration. That bacon. Franks had that bacon chocolate chip ice cream sandwich and I really fell in love with it. So, much like the mascarpone pancakes, I wanted to recreate them. So here we go! I feel like I’m using the Bake Sale buyers as guinea pigs…I’m sorry guys…but I promise these are good!


PS – Oh I can’t wait to take pictures of these! Maybe even a few pictures of happy bake salers enjoying them?! Maybe?!

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Out and About: It’s BACON!!!

So I’m getting ready to write this post and all I can hear in my head is that Beggin’ Strips commercial.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Here:

Okay now to the real bacon. Florida Girl In DC and I were hanging out at the Austin Convention Center and I was checkin’ out my Twitter stream (cause that’s what you do at SXSW…you constantly…check…your twitter stream) and @emofly (Emily Fleischaker, multimedia editor at Bon Appetit) says,  “Just got asked to be a last-minute guest judge of #sxsw Bacon Takedown cook-off today!! dets: come!”

Um. I’m sorry. What did you say? Yeah I clicked that link! Yeah it was a cook-off where whatever you made had to have BACON in it! Yeah we went! And hells to the yeah we tried all 22 dishes and then voted for our most bacon-y favorite!!!

Florida Girl has some really beautiful pics of all the dishes over at her blog so go there to see just how overwhelming it was. But there we were…walking around with a fork, a spoon and a Styrofoam plate full of savory and sweet bacon concoctions. Everything from bacon toffee and bacon brittle and bacon avocado salad and bacon jam and bacon brulee and bacon bananas foster to a bacon EXPLOSION (and that’s right about where I started to feel like I needed some water)!!!

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