I don’t ask for much…

Okay. Here’s the deal. I didn’t start a food blog to get free stuff…or meet chefs…or become “known”…or anything like that. I started a food blog because I wanted to share all the cool cooking and baking (and occasional flub) I do with people.

And then…well…I kind of fell in love with food (and Twitter). And all the wonderful people I’ve met who love food. And I really, really fell in love with pork belly.

And then I started blogging for Borderstan…did you guys know I write restaurant profiles, farmers market posts and recipe round-ups for them too?

And then today I was nominated for Favorite Foodie in the Washington Post’s #DCTweeps contest.

I feel like a huge dork for even asking, but I am super. Duper. Excited. So…would you mind voting for me? You get to vote for other great folks and bloggers in the process. Just click here and look for me (Frijolita)!

Thank you dear readers…it’s been such an exciting year…don’t you think 2011 is going to be just great?

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas readers! For those of you who don’t celebrate Christmas, Happy ______!! I hope everyone has taken time with family, friends and loved ones during the holiday season :)


This is not my house...



Kitchen Porn: Vacation Edition

I just got back from three glorious days at the beach (food posts and pics to come…don’t worry). I’m still in a sun-drenched haze and don’t want to come out of it.

You know what I love? Light. I love sunlit breakfast nooks and loungy spaces where you read the paper and do crossword puzzles and read cookbooks. A space sort of like this…

via The Kitchn

Goat Cheese Cheesecake

Hi farmers market friends! Maybe you’re visiting because you were one of the lucky ones to get a piece of the goat cheese cheesecake at the farmers market on Saturday…or you saw it on the recipe flyer..either way, you can find the recipe here in an older post.

If you couldn’t make it to the market on Saturday, here’s a new picture of the cheesecake with an improvised topping. Funny how fresh fruit – blackberries and a slice of peach here – really makes dessert extra special. As if the goat cheese wasn’t special enough!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!


Super Secret Hot Dogs at Bourbon Steak

I don’t usually post restaurant items here, but on occasion there’s a deal too good or too tasty to pass up. I have to share this with you guys. Sorry folks outside of DC : ( this is a local’s deal only.

Bourbon Steak DC, located in the Four Seasons is serving up a Red Apron artisanal hot dog with a pint of beer (Dogfish Head most likely) for $7. Here’s the hitch though: you can only get this deal this month, in the lounge/bar area…and it’s not on the menu…just gotta ask for it.

It comes with the house relish on top – um…clearly I had mine fancied up a bit. But you can order the duck fat fries (I die!) or the onion rings (*falls over*) as sides and you’ll be a happy happy camper.

Yep. Enjoy that one, folks.

Keepin’ It Simple…Stupid

I’m a mess people. A mess. When it rains it pours.

I resolved to cooking more nights this week than not. So far, not so bad. However. It’s not without a hitch. I’m trying to keep things simple: tomato/basil/mozzarella…grilled chicken salads…stuff like that. But then there’s this:

My squash blossoms have shriveled! You know…I should have known such delicate little things would go bad quickly. It’s Wednesday…Thursday when most of you will read this. And they’re so sad. :( Look at them! I was lazy about getting to the grocery to get all my ingredients. That’s what I get. Shriveled squash blossoms.

Oh. And did I mention…my camera batteries are kaput? I need to go buy new ones. I took these…with my blackberry.

The week isn’t over yet. We’ll see how I do. *crossing my fingers, toes and eyes* Sigh.

This Week’s Cookin’

Are you guys Type-A? Or are you more free flowin’?

I’m kind of Type-A. I’m Type-A until I decide to be free flowin’…which is pretty easy for me to decide.

My point here is, I’m the kind of gal who loves a schedule. I love a daily schedule, a weekly schedule…even a monthly schedule. I find comfort in the familiar. Even if it means every night I boil water for my tea, and put together part of my lunch for the next day. If I don’t have that, I don’t have lunch for the next day. If I don’t have that, I don’t grocery shop! If I don’t do that…well…it makes eating and cooking, a pretty hard deal. The last three weekends have been filled with fun, family, and friends but that has meant no grocery shopping, so no cooking. So, no blogging. :(

This weekend though, was my first weekend back at the Dupont Farmers Market in three weeks! Three weeks! And I may have overloaded. I’m excited. Here’s what I  plan on experimenting with this week…it should be fun.

I got squash blossoms. Litttle bugers were $4 a carton! But here’s the plan…I want to stuff them with herbed goat cheese. Then I want to stew them…Veracruz style. Why? Well…it’s squash blossom festival at Oyamel…one of my favorite restaurants in town. And I can’t get enough of Jose Andres’ take on these edible flowers. He’s my inspiration here.

I also got corn…I’m thinking maybe roasted corn. Paula Deen style…with some mayo and Parmesan, salt and pepper. Or if I can’t muster the energy to roast it, I’ll just cook it and make a corn salsa. The BF and I made tacos tonight…I should have done the corn salsa for ’em, but hey…some nights, the tummy that rumbles loudest, wins.

I got tomatoes. For some reason, I’m just not into tomato season this year. Everyone goes crazy over heirloom tomatoes every year…even the Washington Post held a tomato recipe contest. Not into it at all this year. Not sure why…but it is what it is. I’m more interested in the beefsteak tomatoes I got. I’m going to slice ’em up and serve them with fresh mozzarella and tear some fresh basil over it. Simple, easy. Olive oil, sea salt and pepper. Snack. App. Dinner. It’s great. It screams summer. I’m excited for it.

I also got brussel sprouts. Nearly becoming a staple in my home. Also some green beans. The BF likes Chinese-style green beens. I’ll try to make them for him.

I want to make granola bars. I want to make olive oil cake. I WILL make olive oil cake. I tried to find a good olive oil at the grocery store. You know…good luck with that. Unless you’re at Whole Paycheck. Which makes me sad.

This week should be fun with cooking. I also realize it’s a lot. But I’ll try, and we’ll see how it goes. I’ll report back on Saturday or Sunday. I bet you anything, Friday night will result in me cooking a lot of veggies. What do you bet!?

Kitchen Porn

Time for more Kitchen Porn. I love the tile in this kitchen. It’s small and it makes me feel like I should be in a bakery. Also…check out the six burner range in the back there. And the subway tiled walls. And two stoves. And the HUGE refrigerator. All that counter space. Le sigh.

The Kitchn

This one though. It makes me love open shelving. Usually my obsession with being neat would preclude me from open shelving. But this kitchen…it convinces me I could do it.

From Tchochkes

Kitchen Porn

I have a very tiny kitchen. To open either the oven or the refrigerator you first must step to the side and clear the way for the door you are about to swing open. My counter space is almost non-existent. Put a microwave on there and it’s the size of a tile. I have about 2-square feet for mise en place, chopping, dicing, slicing, etc.

I make it work, but it doesn’t mean I don’t dream. I often tell The BF that I want a custom-built house. Not so much for the architecture or a desire for luxe details. Nope. I want to build my kitchen from scratch. I want every beautiful detail planned to my specifications, ovens (plural, I want to two) placed at just the right height.

All that in mind, I thought I’d start sharing some kitchen inspiration with you! Here, I love the neutral color palette…the cross between farmhouse and industrial styles…the huge ceilings (HUGE!)…lots of open space for friends and family to gather…and that island! I **love** that island.

What do you guys think? What’s your dream kitchen look like?

(via The Kitchn)

It’s ok…(continued)

Last week I started a foodie’s/food blogger’s list of things that are TOTALLY OK TO DO. Things that might seem weird or contrary, but hey, we’ve all experienced ’em so why don’t we just cut ourselves a break.

So, here’s a few more from the comments and Twitter…

It’s OK…

… to eat Funyuns with Nutella. Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it. (Shaw Girl)

….to think ingredients like anchovies and fish sauce sound gross. (Me)

…to spend the better part of a day buying ingredients for a new recipe then (due to getting tired from the hunt) deciding to wait a day to cook. And ordering from your favorite takeout place for dinner. (Sam Edwards)

…to liberally employ the 5 second rule if no one’s looking. (Right?!) (Me)

…to buy all the ingredients for the perfect meal, get stuck in crazy Atlanta traffic on the way home, get caught in a downpour while carrying groceries inside & ultimately say “screw it” & just order in dinner to go w/ your really nice bottle of wine!! (Amelia)

…to eat Cool Ranch Doritos dipped in Cake Frosting. (Tammy)

…to not partake in a porron because you’re wearing a white shirt! See here. (Me)

…to buy a green tomato… and watch it turn yellow because it’s too hot to fry anything. (Tammy)

…to order take out. (Tammy)

Ok…seriously ladies. I see two trends here. It’s okay to eat weird flavor profiles together and order out after shopping for a meal. Permission granted.