Cochon 555 (aka Pork x 5)

What is Cochon 555? Put simply, it’s 5 chefs, 5 pigs (exceptionally large ones) and 5 wine makers.  Put even more simple, it’s a lot of freakin’ pork…and you get to eat it all. But…”why?”, you say?

There you go.

Now that that’s out of the way, here’s what I ate Sunday night. Take that taco night. Bacon popcorn…

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Out and About: Frank

Ok, one last post about Austin and the SXSW food madness. Frank: Hot Dogs Cold Beer Purveyors of Artisan Sausage. *points to self* Yes, please. Ahem! Me! I’ll take some of that! Thanks…

Starting top left, around the circle and into the center: Coffee…beignets…bierocks! Bacon…cookies & ice cream! Red headed stranger (bacon infused vodka, bloody mary mix, bacon and cheddar cheese! NOM!)! Dog-gone great drinking! Chicago dog! Ice cream cookie sammich (the cookie had BACON in it!!)! Menus…click on any of the previous links to check out the full spread. Chocolate-covered bacon….yeah…I said it. Chocolate chip and bacon cookie (with pecans, walnuts and cranberries)! And (drum roll please) chili cheese waffle fries!

Ah!! I just about died.

That last photo says: It seems to me that people want champagne and caviar when they should have a beer & hot dogs. Amen!

Enjoy…and go here if you’re ever in Austin!

Out and About: East Side Show Room

Four words. One restaurant. Ready?

Okay okay I won’t post pictures of me trying to do charades and then make you endlessly guess the wrong thing.

East Side Show Room. Here in…Austin. Let’s do this one in pictures…it’ll be fun.

It’s a moody, eclectic, funky, oooooh! Did you see that!! Kinda place. The decor is all local artists’ work…our view had us enjoying this paper bag display…with faces of people drawn on and eerily lit. After I got over the mild creepy factor I kinda started wanting to decorating my house like this place.

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Out and About: It’s BACON!!!

So I’m getting ready to write this post and all I can hear in my head is that Beggin’ Strips commercial.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Here:

Okay now to the real bacon. Florida Girl In DC and I were hanging out at the Austin Convention Center and I was checkin’ out my Twitter stream (cause that’s what you do at SXSW…you constantly…check…your twitter stream) and @emofly (Emily Fleischaker, multimedia editor at Bon Appetit) says,  “Just got asked to be a last-minute guest judge of #sxsw Bacon Takedown cook-off today!! dets: come!”

Um. I’m sorry. What did you say? Yeah I clicked that link! Yeah it was a cook-off where whatever you made had to have BACON in it! Yeah we went! And hells to the yeah we tried all 22 dishes and then voted for our most bacon-y favorite!!!

Florida Girl has some really beautiful pics of all the dishes over at her blog so go there to see just how overwhelming it was. But there we were…walking around with a fork, a spoon and a Styrofoam plate full of savory and sweet bacon concoctions. Everything from bacon toffee and bacon brittle and bacon avocado salad and bacon jam and bacon brulee and bacon bananas foster to a bacon EXPLOSION (and that’s right about where I started to feel like I needed some water)!!!

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Out and About: St. Louis, MO Part I

I was in St. Louis last weekend…land of Nelly, the great Gateway Arch and apparently a very large Mardi Gras celebration. As some of you may know, The BF (my BF) lives in The STL so I go there every so often. I’m not really sure what I expected when I went to St. Louis for the first time, but it kinda flew in the face of any stereotypes I could have thought of.

I’m not gonna lie…there’s a limited number of neighborhoods that a) you want to actually be in and, b) have a cool vibe or a strong retail/food presence. BUT!! When you find one, man do you find some gems! Here’s one weekend’s worth of eating and, okay, drinking. Each trip I’ll try to chronicle a few new spots…these are our favorites so far!

Coffee Cartel – Located in the Central West End this coffee shop has been around since 1996, (apparently) seats 250 people, has a great outdoor patio, is open 24hrs a day and has free wifi. And OH YEAH! Some seriously awesome coffee. The BF and I always (and I mean always) start our days here with a coffee and a snack. Pictured here is an apple fritter…so nomy nom nom. And in case you’re a real coffee connoisseur, you can buy their beans online here.

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Out and About: Zaytinya

Happy hour. Zaytinya. Too many Pom-Filis and…wait…THERE’S MIKE ISABELLA FROM TOP CHEF!!!

My super-fun friend Lacey (pictured here), who is a Top Chef fan and happens to have a high threshold for embarrassment, decided she wanted to talk to Mike…and I decided I wanted a picture for the blog. So we chased him down the bar to harass him in the most un-stalkerly way we knew how. Mike simply smiled and looked down and was completely gracious about our sudden bombardment. He eventually came around from behind the bar and snapped this shot for us.

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