Weekend Reads: Pixar, Lady Gaga & Wanderlust

Lady Gaga

When I saw that Lady Gaga quote, I thought, damn! That’s a dose of angry real talk! The truth is though, she’s right. It’s an interesting thing to consider balancing love (or the pursuit of it) and your career – whatever your level of ambition or drive. I think about this stuff a lot, especially lately, because this year I’ve done nothing but invest in my career. It’s been rewarding, frustrating, inspiring…the whole gamut of positives and negatives…and I really wouldn’t have it any other way.

Are you practically Snow White? Then you need these apps that tell you just how much time you should be in the sun.

Who’s looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday? This girl! And now I have a list of movies to watch online, so I may just stay in bed all day!

Nail polish on-the-go! I wish Metro would allow helpful kiosks in major hubs!

Newsletters seem to be making a serious comeback! These tips are interesting, but Alexis Madrigal’s point about a newsletter audience v a Facebook audience was most intriguing. Should I be turning this list into a newsletter instead of a blog post? Hmm.

I did a bunch of work so clearly now I can surf the net for two hours! Right? Wrong.

Dogs get jealous, too! Duh.

Want to foster a creative environment at work? This is how Pixar does it.

Trendy restaurant menus are…so formulaic. (Also, the vegetarian part is SO true!)

I have major wanderlust this year. My brain has headed to every exotic locale at least twice! This list of magazines that are great for travelers isn’t helping me any. (I must admit, the best/worst thing I’ve done all year is subscribe to Condé Nast Traveler.)

A radio show host once asked Lauren Conrad what her favorite position was and she had the best answer ever. Mic.com asked 23 women what their favorite position was. Mine? Senior Advisor.

Ira Glass’ Lifehacker “How I Work” column is getting a lot of buzz. I suspect it’s because the man is a) a total beast and b) does almost everything either in the cloud or without the clunky equipment one would assume he’d use.

My iTunes is solidly stuck on songs that came out in the 90s and it’s making my morning commute so much more pleasurable! Here’s some Fugees for you – have a great weekend, friends!

Photo credit: Alejandra Owens (me!)

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