Weekend Reads: Sexy Presidents, Niagara Falls & Touching Our Friends

she who dares wins

I had quite a fun, and slightly over-booked, week! Great dinners with friends, I was a guest in Carol’s Georgetown class about personal branding and I get to see an old college buddy I haven’t seen since we were actually in college! Not bad, but I’m looking forward to a restful weekend for sure.

Our Instagram life vs. real life.

Hey can I pick your brain? Now that you have the meeting, don’t screw it up!

Man vs. Food. And I don’t mean the show…would you rather have a Ryan Gosling…or a grilled cheese!

At one point in time the Army actually stopped Niagara Falls. Almost like a cartoon! Bloop! Just stopped a giant waterfall!

Dear Confident Women, There’s are guys out there who love how confident you are!

I LOVE Dead Poet’s Society! Josh Charles takes us back in time and reminisces about the making of the movie, the guys’ relationships and more.

Are you a touchy person? Or do you prefer a lot of personal space? I can be huggy/touchy so I thought this study about how often we touch our friends was neat!

Warren G. Harding…you sexy beast!

Erling and Emmett, two peas in a pod. Never mind they’re separated by three generations and 86 years.

Aspen Ideas Festival is all done and wrapped up – but you can check out the transcripts (and sometimes audio)!

You’re probably doing these 9 things at work that are terrible for  your productivity. (I know I am!)

Lucy Flores: abandoned as a child, former gang member, lawyer and…politician. Is she the candidate Democrats have been craving?

Then there’s 8 more things you shouldn’t be doing! (Geesh, this list is getting long!)

Okay, here’s 8 things you should be doing at work!

Newsletters seem to be back on the rise – here’s a few that you might actually enjoy. (I’ll add an endorsement for The Skimm!)

I have World Cup fever so this genius video of what it would be like to live like a soccer player had me in stitches.

Getting flack for using social media at work? Give this a read and share it with your boss!

Hip hop + art = Fly Art. I bought it.

Do you ever invest your money in a company? Ahem, Kickstarter counts. Here’s the one question you should be asking before you fill in your credit card info.

How a meat-centric chef-turned-butcher is changing DC’s appreciation for all things meat.

I was on a hunt for new music to listen (and finding nada!) when I just went back to the classics. I’ve been re-rocking out to The Miseducation of Lauren Hill all week and it has put me in the best mood! Have a great weekend, lovahs!

Photo source: Her New Tribe

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