Weekend Reads: World Cup, Innovation & Handwriting

ray bradbury quote


Once I realized this wouldn’t be my summer to travel for fun, I switched head gears and decided it would be my summer of working out and seriously enjoying my home. Not so bad, right? Now I just need to find fellow non-travelers to invite over for BBQs and such!

The prettiest temporary tattoos by Rifle Paper Co.!

Dramatic readings of Beyonce songs might be the best thing I’ve seen all week!

Life is one big negotiation (and it doesn’t just happen at work, either), here are two kinds of people you should never negotiate with.

I love Cindy Gallop and everything about her – including her crusade to offer the world a different take on porn…one that actually involves normal people having normal people sex. (Favorite quote: “Strike the word ‘mentor’ from your vocabulary. You need champions.”)

16 gifs we could really use in our lives.

By now we know the dangers of women negotiating for higher salaries, but did you know we do an extraordinary job negotiating when we do it for someone else?

5 women bloggers everyone should follow.

I love how one of the 4 ways to build confidence in this article is to take up more space. Ever noticed how much space men take up in a room?

How to keep the time wasters from taking over your life.

My mom used to make me practice my handwriting for an hour every day during summer break. Viva the handwritten note!!

The moment Chile knocked Spain out of the World Cup. (Sort of related: the German team is really hot.)

Your (decidedly elevated) summer reading list.

I think we all know men and women approach marriage differently, but this article was a really interesting take.

Yes way rosé.

Long read: what the gospel of innovation gets wrong.

The prettiest power cord.

One star Yelp reviews of the world’s fanciest restaurants reveal just how truly idiotic people can be.

Ladies, stop apologizing all the time.

I love BBC Radio 1’s YouTube channel! This acoustic version of Ed Sheeran singing Stay With Me is a sweet way to start your weekend.  Have a good one, lovahs!

Photo Source: quoteduniverse

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