Weekend Reads: Font Drama, Violent Chess & Star Echos


I’ve been thinking a lot this week about hard work paying off. About powering through difficult moments (hell, weeks and months!) and coming out on the other end better and stronger. It’s happening at work right now, and I’m starting to apply that mentality to my personal life. I can only hope with a similar attitude and perseverance I’ll get similar results! (Right!?)

What brings you joy? I share my answer with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra as they celebrate Beethoven’s interpretation of the famous poem.

Will playing these R&B singers’ songs help me get laid? I don’t know, but there’s a chart for it.

I think this might be my next iphone case.

How are you doing? Tired. Busy! So busy!! (How often do you say that? Maybe it’s time to look at what kind of busy you are.)

If you have weekly meetings with your boss, take these tips in reverse and manage up like a…boss.

Oh the drama of font making!

I haven’t read it, but everyone loves The Goldfinch. But is it any good? (ooooooh! Slammmmm!!!)

How to learn. I think there’s some value to simplifying things and going through a process.

Interstellar light echos.

5 ways to be happier. Pretty simple stuff. So hard to actually do.

Chess…video games. There’s always something making our youth distraught and violent!

Have a wonderful weekend friends! This week, I leave you with a little Heavy D…

Photo Credit: Thug Life Shirts

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