Weekend Reads: Pop Covers, Coffee Tasting & Goal Lists

Frida Kahlo

This week flew by thanks to a cross-country tip, a day-long layover and massive productivity at work this week! The great thing about this week was that I’m finally starting to feel like I have a handle on things. Maybe it was my trip home that helped me reset things and get a little perspective, but I’m (finally!) feeling a little lighter in life and more optimistic. I plan on riding this wave, too. All the way to Virginia wineries this weekend!

I still have no plans to hit the beach this summer (tear) but these books will be good for pool reading too.

Why dad’s who do household chores raise more ambitious daughters! (Do that laundry guys! It’s for your kids!)

What a delightful way to do a goals list.

What happens when a champion barista tastes grocery store coffee?

Resistance is futile. Summer is here. Just build your own gin & tonic bar now and save yourself some time later.

With all the open discussion about gender issues in the news lately, here’s a practical guide for the men in our lives for participating in a constructive way.

“I just had sex and I’m about to eat nachos. This THE GREATEST moment of my life!!” (Can’t wait to see this movie!)

The anonymous sharing app, Secret, has turned into a digital burn book for the DC gays. After being burned by the app myself, I highly recommend not downloading it. Also, nothing good can come from airing your mental dirty laundry like that.

Reading Cosmo and Maxim shapes our relationship with sexual consent…you’ll be surprised.

“Yes. I’ve decided to age.” – Tom Ford, on getting “old” in the fashion industry.

I’m not exactly a music aficionado but the Chela “Zero” EP Minimix would be perfect for a summer evening grilling party. These Rihanna covers are great for a dinner party! And last but not least John Mayer’s take on “XO” by Beyonce would make the perfect soundtrack for Sunday morning coffee and magazine reading!

Have a wonderful weekend! I’ve had Haim on repeat for a week now (mostly because I feel like their new album could be the soundtrack for Romancing the Stone!) so I hope you like ’em too…

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