Weekend Reads: Ant Hills, Literary Insights & Overrated Movies

The Broome

What happens when I don’t do the weekend reads one week? Apparently I amass a ridiculous amount of links for you guys! While I was busy jetting to Nashville, New York and back I religiously sent links back to my Instapaper to share with you guys. Hopefully you enjoy them all!

Why all babies love peekaboo.

What was your first big girl purchase? A bag? Fancy shoes? For me it was my diamond hoop earrings. Diamonds are fun, but the fact that I could afford a splurge on something that seemed reserved for adults was just delicious!

A new documentary follows young, American wine makers. I’ve spent time in the tasting room of Cartograph Wines in Healdsburg, CA and am excited to hear more about their story.

10 life lessons to excel at. (Um, great list but usually easier said than done.)

Amy Schumer’s speech on confidence really made the rounds, but it’s worth looking at more closely. Don’t discount her experience as a fluke or just a one-off. It’s more universal than you may realize.

How do food critics decide what to order when they’re reviewing a restaurant? Or, a guide to being the best order-er at your table!

Fire ants make beautifully complex nests. These guys pour molten aluminum into them and basically turn the little buggers’ home into art.

How to perfectly pet select species of animals. (Including a unicorn. Not including a dragon…how does Daenerys do it?!)

Humans Of New York takes on the Met Gala…makes the rich & famous only slightly more…human.

Thanks for all your lovely life & love advice, but did you ever stop to consider the lens through which you’re giving it out?

Did Kerouac, Updike and Rand intend for all the symbolism that we now overanalyze and write high school papers about?

Revisited: America’s tenuous and sometimes embarrassing relationship with Mexico – through the eyes of Anthony Bourdain.

Who’s hitting the tattoo parlor these days? Not who you think.

Fail harder, they say. But 11 entrepreneurs share how they bounced back from their failures.

I was completely intrigued by one geek guy’s take on why men in the tech industry can be so misogynistic – and what they can do to fix it.

Rap music today more a synthesized collection of groans and YEAAHs than it is an exhibit of complex lyricism. But a few rappers seem to excel in this regard.

5 phrases that can improve every relationship in your life.

Would you ever go a month without buying anything that you didn’t absolutely need? I’ve definitely been thinking about how I spend my money lately and this struck a chord with me.

The most overrated (and underrated) movies of all time.

A whole class of students chose a famous author to write to. Only Kurt Vonnegut wrote back!

Let’s optimize the campaign for synergistic KPI achievement!! The origins of those annoying office buzzwords. (Complete with a quiz that tells you just how annoying you are.)

Tavi Gevinson. What the heck, chica! I didn’t think like this when I was her age at all!

TO DO: My dearest friend Jonah is riding from San Fran to Los Angeles this summer to raise awareness and funds for ending HIV/AIDS. Proceeds benefit two amazing organizations working to end AIDS and help those who have it live long and fruitful lives. Consider donating to support his ride?

I’m such an Ellie Goulding fan girl. The weekend jam is the song she did for the tweeny/young adult movie, Divergent. I’ve had it on repeat for weeks without shame…well, maybe a little shame. Have a great weekend guys!

Photo: Me! (Alejandra Owens)


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