Weekend Reads: Monday Edition

Awesome Con

So, here’s some #realtalk for you guys. I’m in NYC for work last week, having dinner with my dearest friend Lindsay when I start telling her a story. The weekend prior, I was at brunch with a handsome gent when he asked me, “So what else do you have going on?” Such a simple question, right? Totally normal, too. But lately, that simple question is causing me a lot of anxiety.

Most conversations, even with friends, go something like this: “How are you?” “Good!” “What’s been up?” “Oh man, I’ve been working a lot lately! You?” “I’m good too! What else do you have going on?” And then…nada. I scramble for the smallest nugget of a something I’ve done in the last week that didn’t involve email or social media jargon. I don’t have anything else I’ve been up to lately! I work! It’s not even that I’m pulling 16 hours days so much as I’m giving a lot of my mental and emotional energy to my work right now. I have a new role, new challenges, new opportunities, a million ideas, not much time – and all of that comes with some mental and emotional weight. By the time I get home I have enough energy to pour a glass of wine and watch a few episodes of Suits or Hart Of Dixie (don’t judge me, judgers!!!) and that’s it!

Except, that’s not it. After I practically burst into tears at Otto over a plate of asparagus I explained to Linds that I feel so boring right now! I felt bad for that poor gent who must (MUST!!! So dramatic.) think I am the least interesting person in the world! Because Linds is an awesome friend she assured me I am not boring and I am interesting and I do have other things going on, they’re just not as big as they were a couple months ago – and that rest/relaxation time is important.

I agree with her, but I also decided getting out and doing different things might help a bit. So two days ago I went to Awesome Con! If you’re not familiar with the world of cons, the trailer for the Comic Con documentary will give you an idea. It was exactly what I needed – a good mix of fun, new experiences and plenty of fodder for storytelling over future brunches and drinks. Now I just need someone to ask me “So, what else do you have going on?” (PS – Do you guys ever feel this way? I think I just got into a rut…now it’s time to pull myself out of it!)

Would you apply for the world’s toughest job…and got a surprise!

20 delightful facts about the Golden Girls.

In 100 quintillion years, Earth will die and plunge into the sun. Apparently.

Chomping at the bit for a little taste of Game of Thrones (book version)? This nugget from World of Ice and Fire on G.R.R. Martin’s site should make you feel better.

I dare you to look at these 60 photos and not fill up with all kinds of emotions.

We go elsewhere because we are looking for another self.” Marriages and affairs…not what you normally think. 

It’s really unfortunate what Woodford Reserve is saying about the wold of female bourbon drinkers in their ads. I love the brown, and I don’t care if my man can build a bookshelf and I certainly don’t seek to be tolerated.

Kansas had a serious drag scene in the 60s! Sashay…away…

“You don’t just have to be the woman who does everything; you now have to SHOW that you are. Welcome to the new résumé.” Boom!

Hunter Thompson’s writing schedule. Or should I say, “writing” schedule.

Kate Middleton photobombs people just like the rest of us!

7 things really persuasive people do.

Hopefully you all have a great week ahead of you – I’m looking forward to trying a few new (and different) things this week to mix it up a bit. Wish me luck, lovahs! And…pardon the slightly gnarly concept of the music video for Greenback Boogie…it’s a great song (the theme for Suits!).

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