Weekend Reads: Ugly Cry, OKCupid & Small Talk

fuck perfectI over programmed myself this week and there wasn’t nearly enough rest and cooking at home and sleep. This weekend, I can only hope I manage to get healthy (huge) doses of all three. Oh, and working out. I’ve been talking to friends a lot lately about working out, healthy living and body image. We all go through these cycles of being really hard on ourselves, maybe even making a concerted effort to change our wine-drinking, block-of-cheese-eating ways. And while I think it’s good to strive for a healthier, less stressed out life, we have to be careful about being too hard on ourselves about how we look. I’ve come to this conclusion (again) that this body of mine will never be model perfect, and that’s okay. I do want a healthier life and a healthier me – it just won’t be coming at the expense of delicious bottles of rosé shared with friends over bowls of silky pasta!

Anatomy of the ugly cry. Bonus.

Networking can be hard. Especially when you’re reaching out to someone you barely know – or you want something from them but you know you have nothing to give in return. This Medium article feels cringe-worthy but having received a few emails like the examples, I really appreciate people who understand how busy I am! And that’s not just ubiquitous, snotty “busy.” I mean 50-60 hours a week doing my job busy!

Holy moly the ocean is deep. Just looking at this graphic stressed me out a little!

The geography of small talk.

A scary vulnerability was found in the whole world wide web this week! (I don’t even know what that means!!!) But you need to change some passwords to protect your information. So get on that.

The secret NYC cab trick that will save you time! Road warriors will love this!

The OkCupid Trends Blog seems to be back in action!

I’m a new subscriber to Condé Nast Traveler magazine. Goodness, is it gorgeous! Every issues doles out a heavy dose of wanderlust and makes me want to travel just so I can shop! Check out their Pinterest page for some inspiration.

How the great artists managed their time. Some of them straight up flipped normal schedules on their heads!

Age discrimination is for white guys too now! Thanks Silicon Valley.

An easy chart to help you plan your summer trip to Westeros!

These notes from kids are hilarious – I wish it would rain tacos too, kid.

I hope everyone is ready to enjoy the weekend! I’m so excited about Spring, I had to bust out this oldie but goodie from Mariah and ODB! Have a good one, lovahs!

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