Weekend Reads: Sci-Fi, Spring & Super Taskers

cacti background

It’s time for some spring cleaning whether spring actually wants to come along or not. Everything from my baseboards to my computer need a little refresh. Design Love Fest has a great series called Dress Your Tech (sample above) with beautiful backgrounds for your desktop and your iPhones. I highly recommend checking in regularly for pretty wallpapers to freshen up a space you stare at all day anyway. Anyway, I’m going to spend my weekend buying furniture, reading a stack of magazines I’ve let sit around for far too long and experiment with making bread for the first time! Wish me luck…I have an irrational fear of yeast.

A highly addictive game for when you need to kill some time or want to flex your brain.

The women who run Hollywood – and their slacker husbands.

Familiar with the trippy sci-fi movie Dune? Well there’s a version that was never made and it influenced every major sci-fi film we know and love today.

Can you do two or more things at once perfectly? You might be the elusive supertasker.

5 tips for interacting with people you admire on twitter. Minimize the awkward and start a meaningful conversation IRL!

The best PR advice you’ve never heard. (Honestly, if you’re trying to build a brand – at work or for yourself – thinking through these things strategically is super important.)

The Pope has hired a Japanese tech firm to digitize the entire Vatican library. Slow claps for the Pontiff.

Nate Silver had to a build an entire staff for the new 538 and was, apparently, obsessive about hiring.

If you haven’t watched The Cove, a documentary about the dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan, you should. Newsweek now reports that the community that herds dolphins to their tragic death has no intention of stopping – and are using tradition as their reason.

White blazers for Spring! Spring. Hahahahahahaha.

Have a wonderful weekend, lovahs. For those of you in warmer weather – I’m jealous. Send DC some of your sun, please! I don’t understand a single word of French but I really love Carla Bruni’s voice and music in general. Plus, it’s great cooking and chilling out music for the weekend!

Photo credit: Design Love Fest, Dress Your Tech series.

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