Weekend Reads: Deep Questions, PechaKucha & Photobombs

Elizabeth Gilbert

This question came from Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook page earlier this week. She’s at TED 2014 in Canada and posed the question to attendees – and man did it get me thinking! I tweeted it and it’s gone gang busters on retweets so I thought I’d bring it over here to the blog. I’ve always thought about achievement and my life goals in terms of adding things – never taking things away. But it totally makes sense. I’ve always said – you can have it all, just not at the same time. So at any given time in my life, what am I willing to give up? Still mulling over it, but then the real kicker is…will I have the balls to do it?

Walking meetings and taking short walks during the work day are becoming more and more popular. Instead of looking at a walk around the block as a break, maybe you should look at it as critical thinking time.

Raise your hand if you hate Power Point presentations! *raises hand* This short, concise and high energy way of presenting ideas has me totally intrigued.

Rappers love to mention food in their songs. Here’s every food mentioned by Rick Ross, ever. (Bonus: Notorious Big loved to rap about food, too.)

Taco trucks and LA go together like peanut butter and marshmallow fluff. My friend’s photo essay of the scene captures the people who run the business and the people who eat the business.

TED 2014 is underway and the speeches and presentations coming out of it are already mind blowing. Astronaut Chris Hadfield shared what he learned from his experience of going blind while on a space walk. (WTF OMG GOING BLIND IN SPACE?!?!)

Don Draper’s creative advice. (Ouch!)

How many times have you heard leaders talk about a time they seriously f#*&ed up? Well it’s time to break the taboos around failure and this podcast aims to do just that.

January Jones is gorgeous yes, but she’s maintained an air of mystery around her celebrity persona that makes even the tiniest peak into her mind engaging and interesting. Her Violet Grey spread/interview is well worth the read.

This dachshund really wants his toy shark in his crate with him.

I love that my friends and I have reached a stage in our careers where even our side hustles are getting tons of awesome attention. My friend Lindsay started Perfectly Noted years ago, leveraging her killer writing skills to help brides and grooms craft their perfect vows – and now the Today Show (!!!) is featuring her! Go Linds! 

Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm photobomb people at the top of 30 Rock.

An abandoned outdoor movie theatre in the Desert of Sinai. Super creepy and post-apocalyptic.

Penelope Trunk, per usual, totally challenges the way we approach work and our careers in this post about not letting yourself become outdated at work. You might not like the way she says things at times, but you can’t disagree that staying sharp in your career is critical to long term success. 

Font Men. A whole documentary about guys who make fonts. Trust me, more interesting than you think it is.

A zoom-in/zoom-out look at the universe a la Cosmos. So you can feed your fix between episodes!

Have a wonderful weekend, lovahs! Here’s some Duffy to get you grooving…

Photo credit: Alejandra Owens (me!)

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