Weekend Reads: Girl Scout Cookies, CVS Gifts & Snow Days

it aint what they call you

Who’s ready for Friday? This girl! It was a long but exciting week. So many new projects at work and so much ground to be covered – I’m overwhelmed and excited all at the same time. I spoke to an awesome group of women who are members of Washington Women In Public Relations about communications and social media in the nonprofit world and presented social media best practices on a Bulldog Reporter webinar. Now that the week is done I’m looking forward to a day trip out to Frederick, Maryland and some QT with my book and my bed. What are you guys up to this weekend?

How much snow does it take to cancel school across the country? Being from southern Arizona, I can confirm, less than an inch calls for a snow day in Tucson!

I’ve received some pretty bad gifts from men, including trinkets from CVS.

For all you folks working in the digital world, this list of disruptive trends to watch is awesome.

Would you ever have your hot chocolate read? I totally would!

Some guy in DC wants to map the world of Game of Thrones to a map of the District. I kinda want to go help.

They say if you’re not failing, you’re not trying new things. Here’s a tale of one man’s fail.

The Heartbreaking History of Divorce.

Before you get all jealous of someone’s life based on their pretty Instagram feeds alone, read this.

Comics (or graphic novels, if you prefer) meet the food world!

Okay, I’m posting this article about Dylan Farrow but not because it’s about Woody Allen and Dylan Farrow. Ann Friedman tells a quick anecdote about a secret code she and her friends use to warn each other about ill-intentioned people they come across in their professional lives. I think it’s sad and telling that they even have language to describe this type of person and encounter, but even more sad and telling that almost every woman I know has something similar. Here it is:

I used to have a very elaborate inside joke with a few other women in media. It was called “The Island,” and the narrative went like this: All of the editors we know to be sexual harassers or professional bullies are on a plane together, probably headed to an “ideas festival” or “un-conference,” when the plane goes down on a small island. There, they are forced to live out the rest of their days with only each other to harass. In their absence, the rest of us go on to remake the media industry into a creative, forward-thinking, gender-equitable paradise. Fin.

It was funny to picture this scenario, but also sort of a sad coping mechanism. We knew these men were too professionally powerful to really be held accountable for their behavior. “The Island” became a code for telling each other who was a good guy and who was a bad guy — which upper-masthead men actually wanted to mentor us, and which ones just wanted the thrill of having a cocktail with an attractive younger woman under the guise of professionalism: “Is he on ‘The Island’ or not?” Or, “Watch out, that guy’s totally on ‘The Island.’”

If you’re a podcast fan like me (or wanna dive into the very cool world of podcasts) check out Radiotopia.

The perfect food & drink pairing: Girl Scout cookies and beer!

I’ve been so busy and overwhelmed with work that this video of a toddler discovering rain for the first time made me slow down and chill the hell out!

Why do people always ask women what their favorite position is in the midst of a legitimate interview? Lauren Conrad has the best response I’ve heard yet. 

PACs…Super PACs…or the least influential PACs in the country. See! Not all PACs are bad.

They say the key to staying sane in a leadership position is delegation. I thought this blog post on how to delegate took a more purposeful approach at what can feel like a mundane, haphazard offloading of tasks. 

I can’t get enough of Avicii…I know, don’t judge me! Have a wonderful weekend, lovahs!

Photo Source: fiveless via Deviant Art.

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