Weekend Reads: Gay Euphemisms, Jelly Belly & Mispronounced Words

Peonies - Karen Buckle

Tired?  Check. Sore? Check. (Damn this whole working out thing.) It was a long but very productive week on this end. I’m hoping for a long and unproductive weekend! As I type this I’m already running late for my day so I’ll just get to the hustle – our links…

A peek into Anthoy and Ottavia Bourdain’s life – work out schedule, eating habits and laundry – it’s funny & interesting.

Gender equality in restaurant kitchens.

Commonly mispronounced food words and how to say them!

My friend Nikki wrote a lovely piece about loving yourself and making yourself happy – never waiting for someone else to do it.

The New York Times gay euphemism generator.

Jelly Belly announced a new flavor this week: beer! Here’s a few jelly belly recipes to play with until you get your hands on it!

There’s a new “S” word men are using to insult women. Wait, but did you catch it?

A great series of reads – “The Toughest Scene I Wrote” from some of the biggest movies of the past year!

Aerie, the loungewear and lingerie company, announced they would no longer use super models and retouch their ads! This writer asks, “Why can’t we just not obsess about bodies?” Valid.

Kate Middleton is just as awkward as the rest of us! No, really!

The six things that make a story go viral. (We’re so predictable, people!)

Got “attend conferences” on your professional development plan this year? Consider these tips your gospel.

Johnny Stimson, you are my jam. That is all, lovahs.

Photo: Karen Buckle

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