Weekend Reads: Fashion Choices, Otters & Karl Lagerfeld

Champagne for my real friends.

I’m writing this post from my bed in Phoenix, AZ with a very sad Small Dog in my lap. The little guy knows I’m leaving (as evidenced by my neatly packed bag) and is trying to squeeze every last drop of cuddle time and affection he can get out of me. It’s sweet, but for anyone who has a dog and has seen that “where are you going!?!?” face, it’s a little bit desperate in the most heartbreaking way.


Great dating advice from a 103 year-old woman: “Don’t be afraid of a woman who knows how to drink, play cards, eat, and show you her zest for life. She will take you a lot further than some skinnie minnie with no personality. You’ll have great things to say to each other and great stories to tell when you’re old.”

How America gets drunk. DC likes to make out in bars apparently?

This take down of Love Actually made me laugh.

A cacio e pepe recipe that will get you through some cold winter nights.

Shake an otter’s hand!

What words were invented the year you were born? 1982 = downloadable.

Karl Lagerfeld: Sociopath or Genius?

Women executives in The New Yorker from the thirties on.

Tell me your grocery store and I can tell everything about you.

AskASlave.com (before you go getting offended, read the About page.)

People are going bonkers and naming their kids weird stuff

What you wear at work (and in life) matters, we know that already. But what does it say when you buck social norms and wear whatever the hell you want? As author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie reminds us, it’s not so easy a decision to make for women:

“Because the sad truth is that when it comes to appearance we start off with men as the standard, as the norm. If a man is getting ready for a business meeting, he doesn’t worry about looking too masculine, and therefore not being taken for granted. If a women is getting ready for a business meeting, she has to worry about looking too feminine, and what it says and whether or not she will be taken seriously.”

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! No video this week, as I’m hustling to get ready for a plane ride back to DC, but have a safe and restful weekend!



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