Weekend Reads: Baking For Singles, Santa & Hollywood Screenplays


I’m already back in Arizona for the holidays but I brought with me a chesty cold. It’s not so bad, forcing me to actually lay in bed, relax and read my book. I’m looking forward to some time with friends and a weekend project with my mom. We’re going to digitize the family photos. Oh, Throwback Thursday, here I come!

“Because the truth is, rarely does a response make something better. What makes something better is connection.” This video explaining empathy is the best and everyone should watch it.

The Deported. A great story about what happens after the U.S. returns illegal immigrants to Mexico.

For all your airport time coming up – how to torture people who talk too loudly on their phones.

If you want to remember a moment – don’t take a photo. Totally counterintuitive, no?

A gift guide for the tasteful alcoholic in your life.

Your Friends and Rapists. It’s a long read and quite intense but it’ll get you thinking about rape culture, gender bias and the decisions women face every day regarding our sexuality.

Shameless plug: Nick Barron says I’m one of the five best blogs he reads! I’m in good company, check out my compadres. 

The Santa brand book has my PR/Marketing/Advertising friends nodding and laughing.

Kids in third world countries read our first world problems. Yikes.

15 stories I think need to stop being written.

The Black List is a running list of all the very best screenplays that didn’t get picked up this year by Hollywood.

How a working-class couple amassed a priceless art collection

A gift guide for the 30-something in your life. Ahem. :) No, but really, I want these

Lovahs, I leave you with this informative and hilarious video on baking holiday cookies. I hope everyone has a restful holiday, and if not restful, I hope you come back with some great stories! 

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