Weekend Reads: Dapper Criminals, Holiday Hosting & Lady Inspiration

2012-03-23 08.50.25-1

What a long week! Even with the random snow day (that resulted in…no snow) the days seemed long and the week even longer. I’m ready for some cookie baking and some bourbon drinking and general lounging. And then probably a few hours of work at a coffee shop cause things just refuse to slow down! I hope you all get to relax a bit…

My friend Nikki has the holidays on lock down. Here’s her guide to no-stress hosting. And she has a great mashup of party playlists and gift lists for every type of party you’re going to this season.

Introducing! Corporate Boards for Her!!

Whoa – is this networking, or are we on a date?

Dapper criminals.

24 ways to be a gentleman (or woman) in modern society. Spoiler alert: have manners and common sense.

This ad in the Philippines shows us the double standard at work where women earn monickers like aggressive and bossy but men are leaders.

Ladies, time to get them dollas! Here’s Ann Friedman’s guide to knowing your worth and asking for it! 

Thinking about your New Year’s resolutions? Maybe try a few of these 30 things to stop doing yourself.

The Verge has a list of 50 innovators and gamechangers from a ton of industries. Totally worth a look and a twitter follow.

WestJet airline made people’s wishes come true…and me cry.

I downloaded this jam last week and have been playing it on a continuous loop since. If you see me laughing like a weirdo on metro, this is why lovahs. This is why.

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