Weekend Reads: Weird Twitter, AZ Holidays & Star Trek

Arizona Holidays

That right there folks is an original Frijolita’s Mom ipad drawing. (Arizona holidays…in case you were guessing.) I’m having it printed, framed and it’s going up in my new apartment. Oh, did I mention I upgraded to a fancy new one bedroom last week!? It’s kind of great. It’s also a lot of space and sometimes I marvel at it and sometimes I don’t know what to do with it all. I’m a nester, so empty or un-cozy space is like kryptonite to me. While I go browse my 58234th furniture sale, here’s some links to get you through the weekend!

This long read on “weird Twitter” is…well, weird. But also gives you a peek into the most interesting and funny people on the platform.

Valleywag seems to be appalled by a networking and professional development group geared toward women charging for membership. Full disclosure: I’m a paying member and it’s been the best networking of my life. Related: The gendering of technology work. Of course, when women do something, it’s somehow less than, salacious or appalling. Ridiculous.

Famous book characters you just want to slap! Lookin’ at you, Jay Gatsby.

The most common sentences used by young adult authors. 

What does it even mean to be a needy girl?

Ever heard of revenge porn? Here’s the dude who’s king of it, and the woman who’s fighting to shut him down.

#SelfieNation and the age of internet self obsession.

Unintentionally funny lines from Star Trek. “Get this cheese to sickbay!” Mmmm I love a good out of context quote!

Related: Star Trek TNG texts from last night.

What young, gay men have forgotten about HIV/AIDS.

This baby dinosaur fossil reminds me of my favorite book when I was little!

YouTube commenters are famous for being nonsensical and often crass. A female YouTuber with a STEM channel reads sexist, ignorant comments on her channel aloud and makes everyone look even sillier.

Avocados should be extinct?! What!? Nooooooo!

How to handle people who want to fight with you on the internet.

I love my home state of Arizona. Recently, the Grand Canyon filled with fog making it an eerie, almost mystical sight.

What does your favorite color say about you?

Two dads discuss their gay sons on the train one evening. Heart…melting….

Dogs are such funny little beasts. This one remembers his favorite song from puppyhood and sings along.

Have a lovely weekend lovahs – no video for this week but I promise some fun jams next week!

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