Weekend Reads: Mexicoke, Goldie Blox & Girls Who Read

Frijolita - Hating On You

I’m down for the count, I over extended myself and didn’t get enough of that precious shut eye. When I made it my New Year’s resolution to get more and better sleep I never thought it would turn me into a total baby! It’s a good thing, most of the time, but enough nights with not enough sleep take a harsher toll on me than they used to. Aren’t I too young for this? Maybe not. On to the weekend reads…

Ever and always a George Takei fan, he now brings us: The Gay Bachelor.

Quoting lines W.E.B. DuBois and Notorious B.I.G., David Swerdlick shares why he loves being a black man.

If you love politics, or just love watching politics, you should be plugging this list of 50 influencers to watch into a Twitter list right now! Disclosure: my friend Liz Mair is on the list and she’s awesome!

10 types of writers block and how to overcome them.

Soda taxes are no fun, especially when Mexico considers one that could kill famed glass-bottle Mexicoke!

We all have our beef (ba dum chhh!) with food, and apparently so did Duke Ellington. He was a voracious lover of food, concerned about his appearance and held on to some old food habits from his less fortunate days.

16 cities foreign governments warn their citizens about in the US.

Sometimes a girl just wants to be little spoon. Don’t worry, you can hire someone to do that for you.


Goldie Blox are building toys for girls. Watch the video and then vote for them so they win a Super Bowl commercial and spark that inner engineer in girls all across the country.

All the deaths in the A Song of Ice and Fire series.

“See. Some guys prefer asses. Some prefer tits. And I am not saying I don’t like those bits. But what’s more important, what supersedes, is a girl with passion, wit and dreams. So I like a girl…who reads.

2 states everyone is fleeing. Not shocking.

Shameless plug: I was in 1Chicklette’s Twitter Spotlight this week!

Star Wars v Star Trek.

Ryan Gosling has been gypped again!! And he did so many things that were kinder and more interesting than Adam Levine!

I shudder to think how much bad coffee we’re all drinking in The United States of Starbucks.

Well that’s useful: how to clean a spice (or coffee) grinder.

I love you honey, but you have clothes like a f*&^%ing d*ckhead. Oh Kenny Powers.

The skater girls of Afghanistan.

It’s that time of year again! Beaujolais time! But Jason Wilson tells me we should be drinking cru instead.

If you’re feeling a little bouncy this morning then Tegan and Sara will help you start your weekend of perfectly. Have a good one, lovahs! 

Photo credit: Me (Alejandra Owens)!

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