Weekend Reads: Twerk Free Zone, Holiday Bullshit & Food Slot Machines

I’m ready for a wicked snow storm and it looks like DC is going to hit 70 next week. What is that crap!? I have a pair of fuzzy boots and some scarves in my closet that would really love some wear time. Until I get snow, there’s links…

Even if you don’t know what an API key is or what JSON stands for, it’s fascinating how much information is hidden in just one tweet.

And on that note, how much is your twitter account worth? I add up to a cool $5,624.

Why the hell does your drink cost so much?! 

A step by step guide to winning Price Is Right

Don’t have a menu planned for Thanksgiving yet? Saveur’s Thanksgiving slot machine has got you covered.

Alternatively, I’d just cook everything Rivka of Not Derby Pie is making!

Your friends play a bigger role in your happiness than you thought.

We Americans are kinda weird.

www.holidaybullshit.com from the fine folks who brought you Cards Against Humanity.

Do you help make innovation happen at work, or are you trying to stop it. Consider.

Everyone learns in different ways, but learning by doing always seems to be the best. A social media scavenger hunt at work recently inspired a whole crew of aspiring social media strategists!

Depression around the world is…depressing.

Ryan Gosling Mad Libs for your next girls night in.

Thanksgiving in Mongolia. Warning: this is a heartbreaking and graphic story of epic proportions.

Another shameless work plug: the latest episode of Takei’s Take is up and this week George is chatting with Ann Friedman about the future of journalism.

Lilly Allen Lilly’d the internet this week with her signature straight talk and eye popping bluntness with her new song Hard Out Here. Warning: NSFW lyrics and video.

 9 things extremely successful people do after work

Amanda Cohen eviscerates Howard Chua-Eoan’s lame defense of his Gods of Food issue of Time.

“…why would women be on a chart of ‘The Boys Club’ because then it wouldn’t be a chart of ‘The Boys Club’ and would, instead, be a chart of ‘The Boys Club with Also Some Icky Girls in It Ew Gross This Club is Hereby Disbanded.'”

Some food world nerdery: a fabulous Q&A with Rene Redzepi of Noma fame.

What does a newspaper “without sound” look like? Behold, the power of photography.

Sorry I’m not sorry for posting a Miley Cyrus video, lovahs. There’s no twerking, no cut up basketball jerseys, just Miley flexing her vocal chords while she covers Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Ray. You’ll like it. I promise.  

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