Weekend Reads: Sexy Coffee, Motorcycles & Whiskey

I Work Because I Love This Shit

I had one of those super inspired work weeks. In case you missed my tweeting and Instagramming, I was at the YouTube Space in LA while we shot new episodes of Takei’s Take for AARP. Of course, meeting George Takei was a HUGE highlight but I also got to meet Felicia Day, Hannah Hart and Ann Friedman. These are ladies who rock my world in so many ways I can’t begin to explain. Basically, I’m feeling grateful and blessed to have a job that I love, but also one that puts me face-to-face with people who inspire me so much. But enough with my gushy work week…we have two week’s worth of links to catch up on!

What does your Facebook page say about your personality? Spoiler alert: anime = introvert. Baseball = emotional stability.

I never get why people move in together or get married without talking about their finances. Heres’s some things you should be discussing.

Three words: imaginary. Dating. Disorder.

This long-read on 4Chan is maybe the best thing you’ll read about the internet, on the internet, for a while.

People complaining about their organized travel tours. Sample: “On my holiday to Goa in India , I was disgusted to find that almost every restaurant served curry. I don’t like spicy food.”

Wanna swig whiskey like a pro? Here’s what bartenders are drinking these days. And on that brown liquid note: someone stole $26,000 worth of Pappy Van Winkle. I loathe that person/admire them.

An ode to pour-over coffee. With a sexy coffee GIF included.

Every relationship you’ve had, summarized in 5 minutes.

Fuck the patriarchy! Men sitting on motorcycles like women.

Ladies, your sexed-up video game avatar is ruining your self esteem

College men, stop getting so drunk. Please and thank you.

All the spaceships from all the science fiction shows/movies ever. Is Serenity too small to appear?

The Grand Budapest Hotel (Wes Anderson’s new movie) looks like someone got drunk while script writing. And I like it.

 I leave you with Wake Me Up by Avicii. It was the official soundtrack of our Vermont trip! Have a wonderful weekend lovahs! 

Photo via TheDonutProject.com.

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